Friday 09 March 2018

Open Access Monographs in the REF

At the recent University Press Redux Conference, there was much conversation and comment around the announcement/confirmation that for monographs to be eligible for the 2027 UK Research Excellence Framework (REF), they require to be published OA.

The Bookseller has interviewed Dr Steven Hill, Head of Policy at HEFCE, which manages the REF, about the direction of travel for monographs. The full interview may be read in The Bookseller here.  Further insight on the topic can be found in the HEFCE blog

Audio and presentations from the 2018 University Press Redux Conference are available here.


Direct Mail Mart   27/12/2020 at 08:06

In the UK, the four UK HE funding bodies have signaled the intent to mandate open access for monographs submitted to the Research Excellence Framework beyond the 2021 assessment and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), a signatory of Plan S, has launched its own open access policy review. This will cover monographs and book chapters.

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