Wednesday 15 April 2020

Coronavirus Hub: Free resources & advice from MemberWise

Memberwise has compiled a comprehensive programme of help/support to enable you to continue to optimise membership focused activity during this challenging time.

When looking for Coronavirus advice for membership organisations, remember, your members are judging you (now) on your current actions. This will have an immediate impact on member value/engagement and will have a future impact on member retention. We need to act now.

Here’s a range of tools and resources that will provide you (in your role as a Membership/Association Professional) with immediate practical help and support:

1) General Coronavirus (COVID-19) Membership Body Advice (Blog Article)

2) Webinar Programme (Latest Webinars above / Recorded Webinars here)

3) COVID-19 themed Membership Best Practice Series Videos (via the MemberWise Video Channel)

4) Coronavirus Guidance Notes:

– CPD & Coronavirus – Suggested Approaches  (via the CPD Intelligence Community Library)
– Annual General Meetings & Coronavirus – Suggested Approaches (via MemberWise Connect Library)

5) Information on our next national conference, MEMX 2020 (now taking place on 8th October)

6) Immediate peer-to-peer help, support and Advice (via MemberWise Connect)

7) Practical help/advice via related articles (via the MemberWise Blog)

8) Working from home, right now. During a pandemic webinar (delivered by Claire Nicoll)

9) Regular newsletters and updates (ensure you subscribe here)

Useful Links:

– UK Government/Charity Commission Statement/Guidance – Charitable Membership Bodies (08/04/20)
– NCVO Guidance for Charities

For more information, please visit the MemberWise website.


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