Thursday 30 April 2020

Biochemical Society & Portland Press suspend paywalls

Biochemical Society and Portland Press suspend paywalls on all published content

We are all facing extraordinary times with the current Covid-19 pandemic and, in support of the community, Portland Press is suspending paywalls on all content published across the Biochemical Society’s seven journals until further notice. This means access to articles will be freely available to all, whether working remotely or in a laboratory, across the globe.

Professor Richard Reece, Chair of Portland Press Board and Trustee of the Biochemical Society, says: "In support of the global research community, Portland Press is pleased to be suspending paywalls on all content published across the Biochemical Society’s seven journals. Given the current circumstances, we want to ensure that researchers can continue their work without barriers – whether that be research into the current pandemic or continuing research in other fields."

Making all of our content freely available means that we are able to support the community in ensuring that everyone has access to the best research and review content, whether they are researching the pandemic itself, related conditions, underlying pathways and therapeutics, or continuing research in other fields. We want to ensure that all researchers are unhindered in their work given the current circumstances.

As the wholly-owned publishing arm of the Biochemical Society, Portland Press has been able to respond quickly to researchers’ needs, ensuring that paywalls have been suspended as soon as possible.  

We hope that we have played a small part in supporting the community and wish everyone well.


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