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Friday 16 March 2018

OpenAthens joins ALPSP

OpenAthens is a global provider of federated identity and access management solutions. read more

Thursday 15 March 2018

European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology joins ALPSP

EADV is a leading society dedicated to advancing patient care, education and research in the field of dermatology and venereology by providing a unique platform to bring people together and share ideas. read more

Monday 12 March 2018

ALPSP and Accucoms first Aggregagent Publisher meeting to be held at LBF 2018

ALPSP and Accucoms would like to invite ALPSP publisher members to the first Aggregagent Publisher meeting at London Book Fair 2018 read more

Friday 09 March 2018

Open Access Monographs in the REF

Benedict Page of the Bookseller interviewed Steven Hill, head of research policy at HEFCE, about the direction of travel for monographs. read more

Friday 09 March 2018

BIC Statement on Best Practice for Title and Subtitle Metadata Fields

BIC has issues a statement of good practice guidance read more