Tuesday 14 July 2020

OpenAthens collaborates with QxMD to bolster medical institutions’ offering

OpenAthens, the single sign-on solution for libraries, is pleased to announce a collaboration with QxMD and its app Read. Together the tech companies will support medical institutions and further education establishments knowledge offering to employees, students and librarians through up to date journals and cutting-edge research.

QxMD and OpenAthens’ affiliation means that research can be more effectively distributed to front line clinicians to improve healthcare quality metrics.

QxMD’s app, Read, caters for 3,000 institutions worldwide and over half of them are already authenticated by OpenAthens. Content on QxMD’s app is selected from the world’s leading medical research and the integration with OpenAthens single sign-on technology now allows end users to seamlessly transition between articles.

This streamlined collaboration comes at a time when it is needed most, with the healthcare industry at the forefront of fighting Covid-19.  The need for fast access to a wide range of healthcare and medical journals has never been more important.

Jimmy Connoley, head of growth and engagement at QxMD, said: “Our collaboration with OpenAthens benefits all of our clients because it will allow better discovery of the most recent medical journals via the app.

“Databases and newsfeeds on Read will be enhanced and end-users will be able to select relevant research at the touch of a button. QxMD has grown significantly over the past few years due to our innovative technology, and our relationship with OpenAthens further enhances our growth into new markets as we strengthen our relationships with institutions across the globe.”

Robert Scaysbrook, head of global sales and partnerships at OpenAthens, commented: “QxMD’s app, Read, syncs perfectly with OpenAthens single sign-on technology. The work we are doing together is bringing the most recent healthcare and medical information to those who need it, without authentication getting in the way. Our focus on keeping it simple and seamless for the end-user is essential and we’re delighted to continue to develop our relationship with QxMD.”

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About OpenAthens

We make it easy for people to access knowledge through single single-on. Our mission is to enable people to achieve great things by connecting them to knowledge and information, whenever and wherever they need it.

We strive to be the world’s most user-friendly single sign-on experience and help more than 2,600 organisations world-wide to provide simple and secure access to online resources for their end users.

OpenAthens is a Jisc enterprise.

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About QxMD

Read by QxMD is your personalised medical and scientific journal. It helps keep you up to date with the latest new research that will impact practice. It allows you to search millions of journals and articles from PubMed and its expansive database of outstanding topic reviews.

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