Monday 11 March 2019

Towards transition strategies and business models for Society Publishers who wish to accelerate Open Access and Plan S

An initial discussion document from the Society Publishers Accelerating Open access and Plan S (SPA-OPS) project

Alicia Wise and Lorraine Estelle

The Wellcome Trust, UKRI, and ALPSP (The Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers) have commissioned Information Power Limited to explore a range of potential strategies and business models to support learned society publishers successfully transition to open access (OA) and align with Plan S.

We are keen to hear from a broad spectrum of society publishers, and hope you would be willing to spend some time reflecting on a discussion paper and then completing a short survey.

The paper will be further developed and improved with feedback from this survey and continued engagement with learned society publishers and other stakeholders as the project progresses.

  • The survey will take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete 
  • The first five questions are about the journals you publish. This will enable us to review your responses in context
  • The next seven questions are about the seven categories of approaches and models presented in the discussion paper
  • Finally, we ask about ideas you may have and are willing to share
  • Survey responses will be anonymous.
  • Should respondents wish to consult with their colleagues before completing the survey online, then they may download a PDF of the questions here.

Your expert feedback and insights will inform further discussion and enable us to refine the possible models. We thank you for your time.

The deadline for receipt of survey responses has been extended until 24 April.  

For any questions or further information:

Lorraine Estelle and Alicia Wise
Information Power Limited


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