ALPSP at 50

ALPSP has been celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022

The past, present and future of publishing: Observations to celebrate ALPSP's 50th year

Pippa Smart writes: 'This year marks ALPSP's 50th birthday, and in celebration of this, we decided to ask some influential people for their views on publishing. Working closely with Laura Dormer and Todd Carpenter, we invited several people to give us their thoughts on a range of questions about the past, present and future of scholarly, and society, publishing. I also took the opportunity (since this is my last editorial as Editor-in-Chief) to add my perspectives as well. If you are unfamiliar with any of our contributors, you can read about them at the end of the article. Enjoy!' 
Read the full editorial in October's Learned Publishing.

Sharing your memories...

Here are some videos from ALPSP Members.  If you would like to record a short video, please get in touch.


ALPSP 50th Anniversary Timeline

A lot has happened in the world of scholarly publishing in the 50 years since the foundation of ALPSP in 1972. As part of our anniversary celebrations, we have created a visual narrative about people, technology, collaborations, communication channels and events in a timeline spanning 50 years.

What was your highlight? Let us know! #alpsp50

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We began our 50th anniversary celebrations by giving away 5 free training places. 

We asked you to send in a word that made you think of ALPSP and the reason why.  There were three clear winners – trusted, community and support

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Collaboration "The fact that so many different organisations organisations, but also in particular the individuals who make up these organisations, are brought together and offered such wide-ranging support I think really encourages and promotes the idea that as a collective it is possible to achieve and overcome more than when acting alone."  Coro Power-Febres, Emerald Publishing

"In my role running University of Westminster Press as a one-(wo)man-band the value of ‘community’, and having access to resources, training and networks, has become crystal clear to me. Being a member of ALPSP provides all this and more. Not only does it provide practical support and advice, but access to a fellowship, a kinship, a ‘tribe’: to conversations and ideas that help me develop as a publisher, and help the Press grow too. Being part of ALPSP means I don’t feel I'm on my own, I feel I have the combined expertise of your membership to draw on." Philippa Grand, University of Westminster Press

Community "For me it is the best way to connect to the wider publishing industry" Emma Huck, Taylor & Francis

"The Alps are a diverse mountain range, with varied landscapes of different heights, shapes, landscapes, ecosystems. Together, they form a coherent ensemble, like the various publishers that composes ALPSP. People can climb the mountains to reach new heights, just like the scientific community can lean on publishers to support their advances. Sometimes, there are storms, and climbers are scared. In tumultuous times, they can anchor themselves to the mountain sides - the peaks are strong, built over many years on foundations of truth and sustainability. Though in recent years, the mountain tops might have eroded, they still stand tall, a permanent fixture of the landscape that can be seen for miles around, and that people can use to orient themselves on their learned journey."

Collaboration - "Bringing together a diverse collection of experience."

Knowledge is power to set goals and ALPSP provides an important platform to achieve them. Mary Kiorpes Hayden, FASEB

Industry Knowledge - my go-to resource for academic pub; excellent training, webinars, events (& mentorship scheme!) Elsa Carron, Frontiers Media SA

Alps' simply needs a 'p' to be added to create the acronym 'ALPSP': 'p' for peaks and publishing. Clare Spencer, Frontiers

We are planning a range of activities throughout the year and will be updating this page with the latest details regularly. We would love you to get involved in the celebrations. If you'd like more information, please get in touch

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