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Thursday 07 March 2019

What is Hype and What Has Value? Technological buzzword or industry innovation? AI (artificial intelligence)

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Thursday 7 March 2019, online at 15:00-16:00 GMT (UK), 16:00-17:00 CET (Europe), 10:00-11:00 EST (New York)

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AI, Blockchain and Open Source are terms which continually grab attention, but are they merely buzzwords or will they really disrupt our industry?  In a series of webinars we’ll look at each technology in turn to separate the hype from the reality. We’ll look at examples of where these technologies are already being used in our industry. We’ll assess their potential for positive change as well as considering  alternative courses of action.

Attendees will gain an understanding of what these technologies really offer, the potential steps they could take to begin engaging and working with them and the importance of considering how these technologies should fit within wider product, platform or technology strategies.

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AI, Blockchain, Open Source - separating the value from the hype

The second webinar in this series of three will look at AI (artificial intelligence).

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Who should attend?

Those responsible for new product development, platform development, technology partnerships and innovation. Sales, business development and marketing may also be interested in terms of how companies should position themselves and speak about their engagement with these new technologies.

Chair and speakers:

Chair: Jennifer Schivas, Head of Strategy and Industry Engagement, 67Bricks 
Jennifer Schivas is Head of Strategy and Industry Engagement at 67 Bricks, a technology company who are helping publishers evolve their content capabilities and become more data-driven. At 67 Bricks she has taken a lead in exploring how AI, machine learning and natural language processing can deliver value in the scholarly ecosystem. Jennifer joined 67 Bricks from the partnerships and innovation team at Oxford University Press and has previously held roles at Taylor & Francis and Intellect Books. She brings practical experience of using AI and machine learning technologies on real projects and a vision for how they will impact the scholarly ecosystem of the future.

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Dr Linda C M Gross, Cognitive Analytics Lead, IOP Publishing Ltd 
Dr Linda Gross is Cognitive Analytics Lead at IOP Publishing, where she is currently focussed on evaluating readiness for natural language processing and machine learning technologies. Previously, she worked as a managing consultant in IBM’s Advanced Analytics practice, and has advised clients across industries on data science strategy and technical solution design for AI and machine learning implementations. In her spare time, she is a keen hill walker and yacht sailor.

Abstract: The Value of Knowledge in an AI Economy
The tech giants are well underway in making sure we all know that there is very little hype with respect to AI - it's all actually happening, and will only accelerate from here. Why are we still asking this question, then? I argue that we create our own AI hype by believing that it must therefore be possible - let alone easy - to somehow follow in the giants' footsteps. But for those of us without petabytes of data and many millions to invest, the game looks different:  the data-chips are stacked against us. It's time to realise that we have a different stack of chips on the table, right there in front of our noses. A stack of those big shiny valuable ones: our knowledge, and the collective knowledge held in the communities that we serve.

Linda Gross
Henning Schoenenberger, Director Product Data and Metadata, Product & Platform Group, Springer Nature 
Henning runs a global data development department, finding state-of-the-art responses to key data questions in the publishing, research and library communities in areas such as discoverability, access and data delivery/validation, linked data and machine-learning to just name a few.

Abstract: Current Opportunities of Machine-Learning and Natural Language Processing in Scholarly Publishing
Advances in technology around Machine-Learning and Natural Language Processing have opened a number of opportunities in scholarly publishing. Henning Schoenenberger will talk about some of the applications that are already in production, the challenges and promises of their implementation and how they address researchers’ needs.
Henning Schoenenberger
Jabe Wilson, Consulting Director, Text and Data Analytics, Professional Services, Corporate R&D, Elsevier 
Jabe Wilson is the Consulting Director for Text and Data Analytics within the Professional Services organisation at Elsevier, where he delivers analytics solutions that support commercial R&D organisations to solve challenging problems.  Since the late 1990s he has worked on a range of innovation projects instrumental in the transformation of Elsevier into a digital information analytics company. He has a background in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which he has been working with for almost 30 years.

Semantic technologies, data integration and more recently AI (in the form of machine learning) have been championed as a means of achieving better results in commercial R&D and specifically drug discovery at various stages in the process.

Elsevier have curated a great deal of published data from unstructured to structured; and worked with ontologies to create semantically integrated information in the life sciences space. More recently we have embarked on the creation of a platform to allow data scientists to work with this structured and semantically organised data to answer questions and deliver insights from this rich data that might not be immediately obvious.

Jabe Wilson will be speaking about Elsevier’s strategic developments in this area and how they illustrate opportunities to use AI for ethical outcomes and moving beyond the hype. Specifically, he will describe the recent Datathon challenge that was run using the platform in collaboration with the Pistoia Alliance, CuresWithinReach and MissionCure, using the platform and associated data. 
Jabe Wilson

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