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Trust, Truth and Scholarly Publishing Webinar Series

Trust, Truth and Scholarly Publishing is a series of three webinars - Book one, two or all three. Discount available for members!

  • Publishing without perishing (held on 26 April and now available as a recording) 
  • The reproducibility opportunity (held on 22 May and now available as a recording) 
  • Public engagement with scholarly research (27 June). 

*Please note: if you are unable to join the webinar(s), you may register and receive a recording for viewing at a time to suit you.

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Trust, Truth and Scholarly Publishing: Publishing without perishing

This webinar ran on 26 April and is now available as a recording.

Scholarly publishing can sometimes appear to have a conflict at its heart: the concept of “publish or perish” rewards a high publication rate and novel, newsworthy output, which is not always the same as research that advances human knowledge. How can scholarly publishers reconcile their desire to serve the research community with their commercial need to benefit from it? This webinar will explore the role publishers play in communicating research, what the limiting factors are, and how best these might be overcome to improve dissemination of knowledge. See full details

Chair: Liz Allen, Director of Strategic Initiatives, F1000
Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief , The Lancet and Jason Hoyt, Co-founder and CEO of the Open Access publisher, PeerJ

22 May 2018, Trust, Truth and Scholarly Publishing: The reproducibility opportunity

This webinar ran on 22 May and is now available as a recording.

Truth can sometimes be taken for granted in academic research: the use of a scientific framework to test a concept, followed by publication of the results in a peer-reviewed article, mean the output is often assumed to be right without further verification. But when attempts are made to replicate a study, it can be difficult to attain the same results and, when stories of research being irreproducible reach the general public, confidence in scientific rigour can be undermined. So, what can be done to combat irreproducibility? This webinar will outline the challenges and look at what can be done to address them, including new ways to support transparent research and replication studies. See full details

Chair: Catriona Fennell, Director Publishing Services, Elsevier
Rachel Tsui, PhD, Strategic Account Director, Science Exchange and Chris Chambers, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Cardiff University

27 June 2018, Trust, Truth and Scholarly Publishing: Public engagement with scholarly research

Online at 10:00-11:00 EDT (New York), 15:00-16:00 BST (UK), 16:00-17:00 CEST (Central Europe)

In our industry, scholarly authors write for their peers, using terms and techniques appropriate for their audience. But their results are also often of interest to a broader audience, particularly findings that impact on everyday lives. So how can we explain complex concepts to a lay audience? Do the filters that exist in modern media channels distort messages and undermine the trust that the public might have in science and academia? What approaches can be deployed to stop this happening? See full details

Chair: Tom Griffin, Global Communications and Media Director, Wiley
John Eggleton, Account Director, Research Media
Second speaker: Eva Emerson, Editor, Knowable

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