Volunteer opportunities

We are your membership organization and welcome input to find out which activities you need most

As an ALPSP member, there are several volunteering opportunities available. Meet new colleagues, give back to the community and input into our activities.  Volunteering options include:  

  • Joining a committee (our committees oversee the work of ALPSP, ensuring it fits with member requirements)
  • Joining a working group (generally working groups have between 4-8 calls over a period of several months, and focus on specific initiatives)
  • Suggesting a topic for a training course, webinar, conference session or networking event. We welcome suggestions for any event. 
  • Becoming a mentor or mentee (our scheme runs for between 6-9 months, our next one starting in the Spring 2023)
  • Suggest a topic, or produce a video/podcast for our Careers Hub (the Careers Hub aims to share and promote best practise on all issues across scholarly publishing)
  • Using your knowledge and experience to tutor on one of our virtual workshops (we offer training to all potential tutors via our Training Skills Workshop, run by The Centre for Strategy and Communication. 

Please use our volunteers form to outline your preferences.  Please note that only members of ALPSP may serve on a committee or sign up to be a mentee. If you would like to find out about joining ALPSP please visit our membership page or contact Amanda Whiting.

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If you have any questions, please just get in touch.

Watch our member video on the benefits of volunteering for ALPSP