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Monday 03 October 2005

Online Submission and Peer Review Systems 2005

ISBN: 0-907341-29-2 / 978-0-907341-29-1
134 pages, paperback, 297 x 145mm

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Online submissions and peer review systems for journals have existed for less than a decade and have become increasingly common in the last few years with the development of web-based services supplied on an ASP (Application Service Provider, i.e. hosted) basis.

Authors certainly appear ready to embrace online submissions, with anecdotal reports of rapid switch-over to online once it is introduced. There are similarly anecdotal accounts of increased submissions, reduced refereeing times, reduced administrative time and costs. There is also speculation about potential impacts on author and referee behaviours: for instance, there may be the potential for authors to create 'pecking lists' of the most favoured journals, bombarding those at the top with submissions while only trying those towards the bottom once other rejections have come in.

This research report will be of interest to all those involved in peer review. It will be especially valuable to publishers, learned societies and journal editors who are contemplating the introduction of an online system, or a possible change to a new system, and to the online system vendors.



  • Part I: Online submission and peer review systems
  • Part II: Survey findings
  • Introduction
  • Objectives of the study
  • Part I: Online submission and peer review systems
  • Current developments in online submission and peer review systems
  • Overview of online submission and peer review systems' functionality
  • A typical paper's path through the system
  • Other features
  • Current systems
  • Choosing an online system
  • Part II: Survey findings
  • Author and referee survey
  • Editor survey
  • Publisher survey
  • Appendix 1: Author and referee survey - Appendix 2: Editor survey
  • Appendix 3: Publisher survey


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