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Thursday 11 October 2007

Guide to rights and royalties management software 2007

ISBN: 978-0-907341-30-7 (0-907341-30-6)
56 pages, paperback, 229mm x 152mm

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The guide starts with a short introduction to rights and royalties and some of the trends in the field and then looks at the potential benefits offered by software systems, followed by identifying the main types of software.

The second section presents six illustrative case studies, based on telephone interviews with rights and royalties managers at a number of leading publishers producing and selling both books and journals. The final sections list and describe the software available on the (English language) market at the time of writing (August 2007).


  • Rights and royalties overview
    Introduction - Current trends - Benefits of software systems -Types of software - Choosing rights and royalties software
  • Case studies
  • Available software systems
    Standalone systems: Alliant Royalties (Real Software Systems)
    Bradbury Phillips - ELAN Rights & Royalties - Rightslink - Royalty Tracker (MetaComet) - That's Rights!
    Publishing suites and ERP software: Acumen - Anko Publishing Manager - Avatar - Bookmaster - Cat's Pajamas - CISPUB - Klopotek - SAP Intellectual Property Management - Trilogy - VISTA Rights & Royalties Solutions
    Other software: Counterpoint - iRights - MultiPub - PLX - RightsLine - Rights Tracker
  • Further information and references


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