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Monday 24 October 2005

Facts About Open Access 2005

ISBN: 0-907341-30-6 / 978-0-907341-30-7
128 pages, paperback, 297 x 145mm

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Complete Report - including post-publication addendum on peer-review
Overview from report - including post-publication addendum on peer-review
Post-publication addendum - including additional, corrected data and analysis on peer-review 
ALPSP Press release - issued 11th October 2005

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Discussion of Open Access tends to be strong on rhetoric but short on facts. The objective of this independent study was to determine the impact of open access on scholarly journals' financial and non-financial factors and to establish a substantial body of data about different forms of Open Access publishing, and a baseline of comparison with traditional subscription publishing.

Researchers: Kaufman-Wills Group, LLC
Sponsored by: ALPSP, Highwire Press and AAAS with additional data from The Association of American Medical Colleges



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