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Monday 03 October 2011

E-Book Strategies. The essential ALPSP guide on how to develop your e-book offer 2011

Author: Linda Bennett (Gold Leaf)
ISBN: online 978-0-907341-06-2; print 978-0-907341-05-5
149 pages, paperback, 234mm x 156mm

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In a series of case studies, Linda Bennett provides insights into the challenges, achievable successes and potential pitfalls when creating and selling electronic publications, with particular reference to e-books.

In addition to Linda's invaluable introduction, 9 publishers provide detail on how they have made their way through the digital minefield, providing tips on what they did, what worked, what didn't and what lessons they learned along the way.

During this rapid phase of e-book technology development, this research will help you think through the options, enhance your understanding and ultimately inform your eBook strategy. For those publishers grappling with the opportunities and challenges of the road ahead, this publication will prove an invaluable reference and guide.

Table of Contents

Preliminary Information
I. Technical Issues
II. Hardware
III. Metadata and Cataloguing
IV.Copyright, Piracy and Digital Rights Management [DRM]
V.Business Models
VII.Marketing, ‘Visibility’ and Discoverability
VIII.The Library Landscape
IX.What Customers Want
X.Planning For The Future 

A note on the case studies

Case Study One:  The American Psychiatric Association.
E-book provision by evolution: a series of experiments

Case Study Two: The Royal Society of Chemistry.
How to build a sophisticated platform for a professional clientele   

Case Study Three: ‘Environmentia’.
One learned society’s approach to creating an electronic offer for a highly diverse readership

Case Study Four: Harlequin, Mills & Boon.
Using digital technology to forge customer loyalty

Case Study Five: John Wiley.
How to develop an electronic offer for the textbook market

Case Study Six: Continuum Publishing Group.
How to transform your business into a digitalfirst operation

Case Study Seven: the JISC e-Book Observatory Project.
Engaging with a nationally-sponsored projectEngaging with a nationally-sponsored project

Case Study Eight - Faber Factory 2011
A one-stop conversion, hosting and distribution system for publishers who don’t want to develop
their own digital capability

Case Study Nine - Nielsen BookData 2011
The importance of metadata: making your electronic content discoverable


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