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Monday 02 October 2000

Current Practice in Peer Review 2000

Publishers and journal editors frequently ask where they can find the 'rules' for peer review. Unfortunately no such rules exist; although much has been written about the failings of peer review, there are actually no hard and fast guidelines about what constitutes properly conducted peer review.
The full report of the Current Practice in Peer Review survey is available free of charge as a downloadable pdf

ALPSP, the European Association of Science Editors (EASE) and the Academy of Learned Societies in the Social Sciences therefore decided to work towards the creation of a set of best practice guidelines. The first step was to ascertain what is, in fact, current practice. To this end we conducted an online survey in late 2000, to which we received no fewer than 200 responses over a 1 month period, between them covering several hundred journals across a wide variety of disciplines.

There were many common elements across the majority of journals, but some surprising variations and some valuable pointers towards emerging 'best practice'. The findings will provide a sound foundation for the creation of a set of guidelines, to be written by Irene Hames and published by Blackwell Publishing in 2005.


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