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Monday 01 January 2007

China and its Impact on Publishing Developments 2007

ISBN: 0-907341-35-7 / 978-0-907341-35-2
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China's increasing importance to the rest of the world is now well known. In the publishing world there have been concurrent rapid developments, with many publishers cultivating editorial and commercial relations with China and an increasing number setting up their own or proxy offices. It was therefore highly opportune for the ALPSP Future Watch Committee to set up a meeting in London on 27 November 2006 to discuss the 'impact of globalization and technology on the Chinese information and publishing markets'. This white paper is drawn from presentations and materials discussed at this meeting

Rapporteur: Kurt Paulus

Dr Qiaoqiao Zhang, Director of China at CAB International, managing CABI's China Office and overseeing CABI's China Programme Mr Zhouhua Cao, Deputy Managing Director for Information Processing, Beijing Wangfang Data Co Ltd (currently seconded to the Chinese Embassy, London)


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