Reports & Publications

14 January 2020

Recommendations for transparent communication of Open Access prices and services

An independent report published today by Information Power aims to improve the transparency of Open Access (OA) prices and services. The report is the outcome of a project funded by Wellcome and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) on behalf of cOAli... read more

29 November 2019

Enhanced COUNTER Release 5 Validation Tool

We have enhanced the COUNTER Release 5 Validation Tool, adding checks that were previously missing. We would encourage all content providers to test their reports again, because the improved tool can now identify additional issues. The upgraded Va... read more

28 November 2019

ALPSP encourages membership to respond to cOAlition S Consultation on Transformative Journals

ALPSP hopes that cOalitionS will continue to listen to feedback from the community in formulating its final guidelines. read more

02 August 2019

OASPA webinar on Societies transitioning to OA - speaker summaries and takeways

Following on from the webinar on 23 July 2019, OASPA asked the speakers to summarise their talks and offer a few key takeaways. read more