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ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing 2021

photo ALPSP Awards winner PLOS Community Action Publishingphoto ALPSP Awards 21 Winner Mindscape Commons


Mindscape Commons by Coherent Digital and PLOS Community Action Publishing by PLOS have been named the winners of the ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing 2021. David Sommer, Chair of the judging panel, revealed both winners at the close of the ALPSP Annual Conference and Awards which took place virtually on Friday 17 September.

Applications for this year’s awards, sponsored by HighWire, were invited from any new development, product, service or project which was both innovative and of significant value to scholarly communication. All the finalists were asked to present their submissions to the judges in July, and then showcased their innovation to industry peers at the opening of the ALPSP Virtual Conference & Awards 2021.

Winner: Mindscape Commons, Coherent Digital

Mindscape Commons logo

Mindscape Commons from Coherent Digital is the first and largest collection of Virtual Reality (VR) video content for teaching and learning in mental health. It allows the next generation of counsellors, social workers, and psychologists to explore these experiences, build empathy, and develop critical clinical skills in a safe and repeatable setting. Developed in partnership with faculty and students, it offers hundreds of interactive, short-form, 360° and 2D videos. In service to the community, Mindscape Commons also aggregates and preserves open access, research, and commercial VR content for free.

Winner: PLOS Community Action Publishing, PLOS


PLOS Community Action Publishing is a new, non-APC based business model PLOS launched in Fall 2020 that uses collection action as a means of making highly selective publishing APC-free. PLOS’ aim with non-APC-based business models is to ensure that the open access business model ecosystem doesn’t get “stuck” with APCs in the long term. While an appropriate business model for some, APCs are highly exclusionary for many in the global publishing community and PLOS wants to be part of innovating for more diverse, inclusive business models. PLOS CAP is our first attempt at that. We followed it closely with the new PLOS Global Equity model in May 2021.

David Sommer, Chair of the judging panel, and co-founder at Kudos commented:   
“The quality of all entries this year was outstanding, and the judging panel certainly had their work cut out in assessing each of those shortlisted. I’d like to congratulate both Mindscape Commons and PLOS Community Action Publishing for being chosen as this year’s well-deserved winners.”

Shortlisted for 2021

View all of the submissions.

ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing 2020

The winners of the 2020 ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing, were Jus Mundi and WordToEPUB with the Open Library of Humanities receiving highly commended. Read the Press Release here.

The ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing 2020, sponsored by Publishers’ Licensing Services, were presented by David Sommer, Chair of the judging panel, at the opening of the ALPSP Virtual Conference 2020 on Wednesday 16 September.


Jus Mundi Academic Research logo
Jus Mundi 
Jus Mundi is a multilingual search engine for international law. We provide legal researchers worldwide with an innovative way to build comprehensive international legal knowledge
Daisy Consortium logo
WordToEPUB is the exciting free tool to create EPUB publications with built-in accessibility features which facilitate use by people with print disabilities. 

Highly Commended:

OLH logoOpen Library of Humanities 
The Open Library of Humanities, a sustainable scholar-led consortial funding model for Gold Open Access in the humanities without publication fees.

The finalists were showcased at the Awards Lightning Session online on 8 September and the winners will be announced at the start of the ALPSP Conference on 16 September.  

Awards Finalists Presentations  

Access the recording here


Awards shortlist:

Charlesworth Group logo

Charlesworth WeChat Gateway
Charlesworth WeChat Gateway provides STM Publishers with the ability to integrate back end systems into WeChat to create engaging experiences for China based authors.
DataSeer logo

We guide researchers through the data sharing process for their manuscripts, allowing journals and funders to have consistent and enforceable data sharing policies.
 RigorTransparency logo

Rigor and Transparency Index powered by SciScore
 An automated reviewer (SciScore) scored over a million papers, detecting which of the rigor and transparency criteria authors addressed. How did your journal fare?
Scholarcy logo

Scholarcy applies machine learning to extract structured data and knowledge summaries from scholarly content, helping researchers manage information overload and making primary research accessible to non-experts.
Select Crowd Review logo

Select Crowd Review
Select Crowd Review is an interactive and safe way to improve the quality and speed of publishing, using the mechanisms of social media communication.
You can view all of the 2020 submissions here

ALPSP Awards 2019

The winners of the 2019 ALPSP Awards were announced at the Conference Dinner on Thursday 12 September. (Download press release here)

ALPSP Award for Contribution to Scholarly Publishing

ALPSP Council was delighted to present the award to Ann Michael.

photo Ann Michael

In her more than twenty years in scholarly communications, Ann has made a considerable impact on her colleagues, her peers, and the industry at large. She founded the strategic consultancy Delta Think in 2005, and through her leadership it has grown from a single consultant to an extended team working for over 115 clients. Ann is an ardent believer in data informed decision-making and was instrumental in the 2017 launch of Delta Think’s Open Access Data & Analytics Tool, which contributes greatly to industry education on OA trends, benchmarks, and funding mandates. Ann has recently transitioned to Chair of the Delta Think Board, and now serves as Chief Digital Officer for PLOS.
Perhaps most impressively given her extensive professional demands, Ann is a tireless volunteer and industry contributor. She is a Past President of SSP, a Board member for NFAIS, a Board Director at Joule,a frequent organizer and speaker at industry conferences (including ALPSP), a member of the Learned Publishing Editorial Board, and contributor to The Scholarly Kitchen. Moreover, she is a trusted mentor, confidant, and continued source of inspiration to others within the publishing community.

Previous winners of this prestigious ALPSP award may be found at

ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing

photo 2019 ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing finalists

The winner of the 2019 ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing is scite. is a platform to evaluate the reliability of scientific claims. Its deep learning models, combined with a network of experts, automatically extract and classify references to a scientific claim (citations) as supporting, contradicting, or mentioning. This information helps researchers, organizations, and the public to assess the veracity of published research at unprecedented speed and scale.

David Sommer, Chair of the Judges noted:
"Once again, the range of high quality submissions for these awards demonstrates the wealth of innovation and development in our industry.  Scite  is important because it addresses the key challenges of trust and reproducibility by offering the reader an easy way to understand the context of a piece of research, without adding to the workflow for the researcher."

Also shortlisted were:

BMJ Best Practice from BMJ with 67 Bricks 
BMJ partnered with 67 Bricks to make their clinical information more flexible and deliver a flagship product that truly serves clinician needs.
preLights from the Company of Biologists
preLights is a community platform for preprint highlights - an early career team selects preprints of interest, provides relevant comment and engages authors in further discussion.
Ripeta automates the pre-peer review process by rapidly checking manuscripts for the reporting of essential information for reproducible research with minimal burden on scientists.

About the ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing

The ALPSP Awards serve to highlight and celebrate the creativity and development that abounds in our industry with new projects and tools to meet the needs of today’s researchers, authors and publishers. For 2019, the judges reviewed nearly forty applications from a wide range of organizations across all areas of scholarly publishing and communication.

This year’s finalists all took part in the Awards Lightning Session at the Conference.  Read the guest posts from the finalists on the ALPSP blog

The ALPSP awards are open to any new development, product, service, launch or project which is both innovative and of significant value to scholarly communication. The winners must demonstrate excellence in terms of originality and innovation, significance and value to the community, utility and long-term viability.

ALPSP Awards 2018

The winners of the 2018 ALPSP Awards were announced at the Conference Dinner on 13 September. Download the press release here (pdf).  Watch the video of the finalists session at the ALPSP Conference here.

ALPSP Award for Contribution to Scholarly Publishing

 ALPSP Council was delighted to present the award to Richard Fisher.

photo Richard FisherRichard studied history at Oxford University and worked in London before joining Cambridge University Press in 1983. He was for many years a commissioning editor in history and politics at CUP, and then took on a sequence of managerial roles culminating in his appointment as Managing Director, Academic Publishing: he stepped down as MD and left CUP at the end of 2014. He is now Deputy Chairman of Yale University Press, a non-executive board member of Edinburgh University Press, and a member of the advisory board of Berghahn Books.
Although Richard’s long and distinguished career at CUP more than merits this award, it is his post-retirement work that deserves especial recognition. Richard has advised a number of high profile groups looking at the future of our industry and is also a regular speaker at industry events. Richard has been one of few senior voices inside publishing to champion the book and the humanities in national policy debates too often driven solely by STEM. Last but not least, he is an invaluable source of generous and sage advice both formally and informally to others within the publishing community.

ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing 2018

Code Ocean LogoThe winner of the 2018 ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing was Code Ocean.

Code Ocean is a cloud-based computational reproducibility platform that provides researchers with an easy way to share, discover and run code published in academic journals and conferences.

More and more of today’s research includes software code, statistical analysis and algorithms that are not included in traditional publishing. The code, analysis and/or algorithms is often essential to reproducing the research results and reusing them in new products or research. The overhead and challenge to getting access to, understanding how and reproducing the work creates a major roadblock for researchers, one that inspired the creation of Code Ocean. The Code Ocean platform allows researchers not only to deposit their code but all other dependencies in order for their scientific software code to run. Using container technologies, code execution is agnostic to programming languages, versions and/or operating system. The resulting compute capsule can then be embedded in a widget accessible within the scholarly content.

David Sommer, Chair of the Judges noted:
‘We were very pleased with both the number, and the high standard of entries received this year. They showcase an array of innovative solutions that touch on several different aspects of the research cycle including reproducibility, discoverability, integration, ethics and standards. Code Ocean stood out as shining example of a robust, well-executed, transformational solution to a real challenge for researchers, allowing them to build on the work of others more efficiently and therefore help to accelerate research.’

The finalists were showcased at the ALPSP Conference and the winner announced at the Awards Dinner on Thursday 13 September. The ALPSP Awards recognise and celebrate the best innovators in our industry at a time when scholarly publishing is changing rapidly.

We received more than 40 submissions for this year's Awards for Innovation in Publishing.

ALPSP Awards 2017

The winners of the 2017 ALPSP Awards were announced at the Conference Dinner on 14 September. Download the press release (pdf). Watch the video of the Awards Finalists Session from the ALPSP Conference here

ALPSP Award for Contribution to Scholarly Publishing

photo Sara Miller McCuneCouncil was delighted to present this year’s award to Sara Miller McCune, Founder and Executive Chairman, SAGE Publishing. Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering dedication to academia, the then-24-year-old Sara founded SAGE in 1965 in New York City. As well as growing a hugely successful publishing business, Sara is also a major philanthropist. She founded the charitable McCune Foundation in 1990 and has also funded schools in the developing world and made significant financial contributions to many other health and cultural causes. She’s won several major business awards and was recently honored by the Women’s Campaign International at an event entitled: “Shattering the Glass Ceiling, Honoring Inspirational Women Around the Globe”. All of this has been achieved while keeping the company independent. Sara is worthy of recognition for her work relating to scholarly publishing – under her leadership SAGE has not only undertaken many progressive initiatives, it has promoted an open approach to partnering and supporting young companies.

ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing  

The ALPSP Awards celebrate the best innovators in our industry at a time when scholarly publishing is changing rapidly. They are open to any new development, product, service, launch or project within scholarly communication. The judges look for excellence in terms of originality and innovation, significance and value to the community, utility and long-term viability. This year, panel received forty submissions ranging from the peer review process to funding analysis to accessibility issues for authors, and from these they selected a shortlist of six. These six made a presentation to the judges, following which the panel selected the eventual winners. Posts from each of the finalists may be found on the ALPSP blog


For 2017, the judges were delighted to announce two winners: Publons and SourceData from EMBO

photo awards Publons stage presentation photo SourceData awards stage presentation
Publons is harnessing the power of peer review to reshape scholarly communication. Its crosspublisher platform collects peer review activity and helps researchers to keep a verified record of their review and editorial work. Publons is also providing free, online training for reviewers and developing the tools that editors need , screen, contact and motivate reviewers.
The judges welcomed this initiative from Publons which benefits the whole publishing community and recognise the scale of the undertaking involved to make their vision a reality.
SourceData from EMBO SourceData is an open scientific discovery platform to browse, connect and search papers based on the data shown in their figures. It provides a suite of intuitive tools to find research data that are locked away in figures and scientific illustrations. By enabling scientists to find the data they need in publications easily and precisely, SourceData provides intelligent, data-oriented navigation of the research literature. The judges recognised the high level of curation and complex development behind this platform and its significance to the dissemination of research.

Also shortlisted were:

Delta Think Open Access Data Analytics Tool
This service enables you to make smart, actionable, data-driven decisions about your OA business activities, using curated, continually updated interactive visualizations and analyses.
Escalex® from IFIS Publishing and Molecular Connections
The Escalex database facilitates ease of access to food regulations across geographies, with multiple ways to navigate content, and comprehensive indexing for targeted results.
Supporting INASP’s vision of research and knowledge at the heart of development, AuthorAID research-writing MOOCs are helping thousands of Southern researchers overcome their research communication challenges and publish their work.
Springer Nature SharedIt
Springer Nature SharedIt is an industry-leading initiative to provide authors and subscribers with a free, legitimate and simple way to share research with all audiences. 

ALPSP Awards 2016

Group photo of winners of 2016 ALPSP AwardsThe winners of the 2016 ALPSP Awards were announced at the Conference Dinner on 15 September. Download the press release (pdf).  Watch the presentations by the finalists at the 2016 ALPSP Conference here.  Read their posts on the ALPSP Blog.

ALPSP Award for Contribution to Scholarly Publishing

Photo of Alice Meadows receiving Award from Peter AshmanCouncil was delighted to present this year’s award to Alice Meadows.
As Director of Community Engagement and Support at ORCID, Alice has played a central role in expanding its presence with an endeavour that really bridges the divides between publishers and authors.  Prior to this, she held a long and distinguished career at Wiley including roles in marketing and circulation, Director of Society Relations and finally Director of Communications. She was a founding partner of the Oxford Publicity Partnership, which provided invaluable services to publishers in the Oxford area for just under a decade. Alice is a regular and spirited contributor to the Scholarly Kitchen and an active participant at any number of scholarly conferences – whether on a panel or tweeting key points from the audience. More recently she has been a vocal contributor to discussions of gender disparity in scholarly publishing through a series of talks and publications. Lastly, there is Alice the mentor. She has been an invaluable source of support, encouragement, and engagement for all those who have worked with (and especially for) her, many of whom have gone on to excel in their careers under her guidance.
In summary, her contribution to scholarly publishing is two-fold – not just for the work she herself does to enhance important scholarly publishing initiatives and conversations, but also for coaching the next generation(s) of outstanding publishing individuals.

ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing  

The ALPSP Awards recognise and celebrate the best innovators in our industry at a time when scholarly publishing is changing rapidly.   They are open to any new development, product, service, launch or project within scholarly communication. The judges look for excellence in terms of originality and innovation, significance and value to the community, utility and long-term viability.  The panel considered an impressive and diverse range of submissions, from which they selected a shortlist of six.  These six made a presentation to the judges, following which the panel selected the eventual winners.  Posts from each of the finalists may be found on the ALPSP blog.  

For 2016, the judges are delighted to announce two winners - Cartoon Abstracts from Taylor & Francis and Wiley ChemPlanner.  It is interesting to note that this year’s winners are both traditional publishers with a rich heritage and hundreds of years of experience communicating research.  Both have been able to innovate and create new and exciting possibilities from within their businesses.

The judges awarded Highly Commended to ORCID which, in a relatively short space of time, has made massive strides to solve the problems of author identification and affiliation in research publishing.


cartoon abstracts cover wileychemplanner
Cartoon Abstracts from Taylor & Francis are a fun new way of visualising academic research. Each individual cartoon summarises the original authors’ work through powerful illustration. This aids the understanding of difficult concepts, broadens the appeal of niche topics, and helps transcend language barriers. In the judges’ view, they have the potential to transform the way in which young people and the wider public engage with research publishing. Wiley ChemPlanner combines state-of-the-art cheminformatics technology with high quality data to speed up the early stages of the drug creation process, potentially getting drugs to patients faster. ChemPlanner lowers the barrier for synthesizing new molecules, thus accelerating drug discovery. It also enables chemists to optimize synthetic routes, eliminating potentially harmful contaminating side products and reducing manufacturing costs. The judges were impressed with the powerful functionality and potential of ChemPlanner. It has a narrow but clearly defined target audience and is an exciting example of how publishing is changing to meet new markets.

Highly Commended

Also shortlisted were:

ORCID logo with tagline
ORCID’s vision is a world where all who participate in research, scholarship, and innovation are uniquely identified and connected to their contributions and affiliations across disciplines, borders, and time. It provides an identifier (an iD) for individuals, and open tools that enable transparent and trustworthy connections between researchers, their contributions and affiliations, in order to help people find information and to simplify reporting and analysis.

ALPSP Awards 2015

ALPSP Awards 2015 group shotThe winners of the 2015 ALPSP Awards were announced at the ALPSP Conference Dinner on Thursday 10 September 2015. Download and read the full report: ALPSP Awards 2015 Report

ALPSP Award for Contribution to Scholarly Publishing 2015 was awarded to Michael Jubb 2015 ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing winner Kudos Highly Commended Awards for JSTOR Daily and Overleaf
Michael Jubb Awards 2015 Kudos Awards Winners 2015 JSTOR Daily 2015 AwardsOverleaf Awards 2015


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