Thursday 14 October 2021

Recruitment for UK CORI

Care about high integrity research and the cultures that support it? Recruitment for the inaugural Chair and members of the UK Committee on Research Integrity (UK CORI) will close on Friday 22 October at 09:00 (BST). 

Following extensive stakeholder engagement, UK CORI is being launched as a new addition to the sector with responsibility for promoting research integrity.

This is an exciting opportunity for those who want to influence, inspire and catalyse positive change across research cultures within the UK and beyond. This unique opportunity is open to everyone across the research and innovation landscape. To be successful UK CORI needs individuals with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds, a keen interest in research integrity and a willingness to get involved. Individuals at all career stages, from all types of organisations and across all roles are encouraged to apply.

More about the roles and how to apply can be found online

If you have questions about UK CORI, or about UKRI’s research integrity work, please contact the team on  


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