Thursday 13 April 2017


MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) is an academic open access publisher with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.  Established in 1996, MDPI publishes more than 170 peer-reviewed open access journals across ten different fields. MDPI published more than 94,000 articles to the end of March 2017 and more than 90% of those published in 2016 are available in Web of Science.

MDPI offers multidisciplinary services to disseminate research:

  • Sciforum ( is a platform for academic communication and collaboration where scholars can set up free scientific conferences or participate in discussion groups.
  • Preprints ( is a multidisciplinary not-for-profit platform for rapid communication of research results before publication.
  • Susy is a complete manuscript submission system that incorporates all steps from initial submission to publication, including peer-review. Susy also offers flexible administrative and production support to publishers and editors,
  • Publisher & journal rankings:

See their website for further details.


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