Friday 27 September 2019

CACTUS ties up with Scholarcy to speed up the scholarly communication process

London, September 25, 2019:  Cactus Communications, a leading global scholarly, medical communication and technology solution company is proud to announce a partnership with Scholarcy. This partnership will explore ways to speed up the scholarly communication process for researchers.

Scholarcy’s mission is to help researchers and students become more productive at every stage of their work – from reviewing the literature, to authoring and publishing. Scholarcy's knowledge compression engine generates succinct summaries, surfaces the most important findings, explains key concepts, and connects the researcher to every cited source in a paper.

“Since our launch last year, Scholarcy has been helping the global research community keep on top of the unprecedented growth of published work with technology that cuts down reading time and automatically surfaces related research”, said Phil Gooch, Founder and CEO. “The ability of our technology to create machine-readable, structured data from any document also helps authors and publishers make their content more discoverable and reach wider audiences. We’re delighted by the opportunity that partnering with Cactus Communications gives us to substantially improve research communication for its wide base of researchers, and beyond.”

Founded in 2002, CACTUS has collaborated with more than 362,000 researchers globally to help them publish more than 1 million research papers. While its flagship arm Editage offers a raft of products and services across the stages of manuscript reporting all the way through to publication, its newest unit Impact Science focuses on research communication to drive impact beyond journal publication.

“More than 8000 journal articles are published every day, and arguably a lot more would be written every day. We are interested in improving researchers’ productivity that frees up their time to do research, something they are best trained to do. In Scholarcy we see a fantastic partner that is doing some working on innovations at the same end,” said, Abhishek Goel, CEO and Co-founder, Cactus Communication, while commenting on the partnership.

CACTUS is committed to improve and empower the global scholarly communication process and the partnership with Scholarcy is the first of many such initiatives that CACTUS will undertake.


Founded in 2002, Cactus Communications is a global scholarly, medical communication and technology solution company with offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, London, New Jersey, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Singapore. For 17+ years, we have been the leading destination for editorial assistance to researchers, journals, universities, and research institutions around the world. CACTUS has served close to 362,000 researchers, doctors, and scientists across 191 countries and has transformed over 1 million papers across 1200 disciplines. Breaking confines of geography and language and bridging the gap between authors and peer-reviewed journals, CACTUS with its innovative products and service offering has sworn to aid the acceleration of high-quality research publication.

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About Scholarcy:

Founded in 2018, Scholarcy is a London-based startup applying natural language processing and machine learning to solve the problem of information overload, and  help authors and publishers structure and promote their content. Researchers around the world subscribe to Scholarcy’s web library, and its APIs are used by information providers to make their content more discoverable.

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