Wednesday 11 September 2019

Scholastica announces sustainable OA publishing roadmap: Plan S and beyond

CHICAGO, IL (September 10, 2019) -- Scholastica, a peer review and open access (OA) publishing platform for academic journals, announced today the release of a Product Roadmap detailing new features to help journals comply with Plan S and sustainably meet core technical publishing standards. With these product improvements, Scholastica is making it possible for publishing organizations of any size to produce OA journals of the same professional quality as a large publisher and meet new regulations and standards -- but at a fraction of the time and cost.

Scholastica is committed to ensuring that all journals using its OA publishing platform will be able to meet the guidelines for Plan S, an initiative by a consortium of national and international research funders, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to make research fully and immediately OA by January 1, 2021. The Product Roadmap details improvements to Scholastica's OA publishing platform to help journals fulfill the Plan S technical requirements and recommendations by the deadline, including: 

  • Core machine-readable XML metadata in the JATS standard for all articles
  • Automated Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registration through Crossref
  • Automated metadata, including funding sources, deposited into major indexes and archives including DOAJ and Portico

The product updates are part of Scholastica's ongoing efforts to lower the cost and technical barriers to publishing professional-quality OA journals to support academic-led publishing initiatives. Scholastica has also launched a pilot customer service program to support interested publishing users in fulfilling the steps required to be Plan S compliant, at no additional cost.

"We want academic publishers of any size to be able to run journal programs at the highest professional and technical level possible -- while keeping costs as low as possible," said Scholastica Co-Founder and CEO Brian Cody. "Our job is to make tools and services that make it easy to manage peer review and meet professional publishing standards, which supports efficient and affordable long-term OA publishing solutions for scholarly societies and university publishing programs. Even for journals that won't be directly affected by Plan S, we believe these are core standards that all journals should be able to meet easily and affordably."

Scholastica is now an end-to-end journal management platform, with tools and services for peer review, typesetting, publishing, and hosting. For more product and service details, including transparent pricing information, visit the Scholastica website.


About Scholastica:

Scholastica is a web-based software platform with tools and services for every aspect of publishing academic journals -- from peer review to website design and article hosting to typesetting. Scholastica's mission is to empower journal publishers to make quality research available more efficiently and affordably in order to facilitate a sustainable research future. Over 800 journals across disciplines use Scholastica.



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