Wednesday 05 December 2018

APE 2019 - Platforms or Pipelines? 14-16 January 2019

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APE 2019 Full Conference: Platforms or Pipelines? Where is the Value in Scholarly Communications?

15-16 January 2019 Berlin

The announcement of Plan S has created a shockwave in the discussions about Open Access among funders, publishers, editors, societies and individual researchers. APE 2019 offers a balanced review how this effects the process of science and will discuss solutions.  Read more about the programme here.

SSP Pre-Conference: Bringing Value to Academic Publishing: Practical Solutions for Thriving in a Changing Environment

14 January 2019 Berlin

Featuring a keynote address, two-panel discussions, and a workshop, the program will explore how we can continue to innovate while we ensure our solutions meet the needs of all stakeholders in the academic publishing space. We will address not only the needs of the main/traditional actors, but also those of less-recognized stakeholders whose perspectives are now rightly receiving more attention. Find out more here


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