Wednesday 08 November 2017

Renew Publishing Consultants release results of Video Streaming Market Research

Many publishers, societies and higher education institutions are in the process of exploring ways to incorporate video into their websites and publishing platforms.

Renew Publishing Consultants, with the support of digital publishing experts GVPi, aimed to find out from publishers, scholarly societies, professional associations and higher education institutions about their video development plans, what they saw as the main challenges and barriers to delivering video content online, and what opportunities they thought streaming video offered.

The survey attracted over 200 responses from publishers, societies and higher education institutions, predominantly from North America and Europe.

Headline results included:

  • There is a clear demand for streaming video content from publishers, societies and higher education institutions in North America and Europe.
  • Publishers are currently predominantly focussed on developing video content to support articles and publications rather than developing video content to sell.
  • Societies want to use video to reach out to younger members and members of the general public, but are also keen to use video to promote best practice within their field.
  • Higher education institutions predominantly see video as a tool to aid teaching and learning.
  • There were concerns about accessibility, discoverability and resourcing issues (both in staff time and direct costs) from all sectors. These concerns were most greatly felt by people working in HE.

The full report is feely available at

About Renew Publishing Consultants

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About GVPI

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