Friday 02 June 2017

Open Access Must Reads - Picks for Spring 2017

Together with the Association for Learned and Professional Publishing (ALPSP), Copyright Clearance Center is excited to introduce the inaugural post of our “Open Access Must Reads” series from Audrey McCulloch, ALPSP CEO and Sue Kesner, Senior Director, Publisher Relations at CCC.  It offers a thoughtfully curated selection of important articles from the past few months that expound upon “can’t miss” developments in the world of Open Access.


CCC and ALPSP each have long been committed to helping publishing professionals keep track of current thinking and policy developments on Open Access across the globe, lately embodied in their partnership on the Open Access Resource Center (OARC). Ultimately serving more than 100,000 visitors, this vast online reference library launched in 2014 helped the publishing community parse the flood of information at the onset of the OA groundswell. Recognizing that the information needs of the community have changed over time, we’ve designed the new Open Access Must Reads series as a fresh take on the OARC, with a curated approach that makes staying abreast of OA developments easy.

Picks for Spring 2017 - read the first issue here.

  • Towards a competitive and Sustainable Open Access Publishing Market in Europe
  • How big a problem are articles that should be OA but end up behind paywalls?
  • UK Scholarly Communications License
  • Congressmen ask for OSTP Evaluation


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