Friday 12 May 2017

Open Access Resource Center

As of 31 May 2017, CCC and ALPSP will no longer maintain the Open Access Resource Center since OA is now a part of so many different publishers' business models.  In its place, we will publish a curated, quarterly review of must-read articles on key open access topics via CCC’s Velocity of Content blog.  

ALPSP will also continue to keep its members informed on important developments in open access and publishing with our monthly ALPSP Alert newsletter and quarterly Policy Bulletin.  

To sign up for the CCC News Desk e-newsletter click here.

To sign up for ALPSP Alert and or the Policy Bulletin, please email Lesley Ogg.  Available to ALPSP members only.

To sign up for the ALPSP monthly Events & Training bulletin, please email Sabia Morrison.



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