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Tuesday 03 December 2019

The Company of Biologists and Jisc announce a two-year pilot transitional open access agreement from January 2020

The 'Read and Publish’ deal will permit researchers at participating institutions unlimited access to all three subscription journals from The Company of Biologists, including the full archive dating back as far as 1853, and will allow the a... read more

Monday 02 December 2019

Kudos announces foundation partners for research project

Kudos announces foundation partners for research project exploring growing requirement for researchers to engage audiences outside of academia Kudos, the award-winning service for accelerating research impact through strategic communications... read more

Friday 29 November 2019

FSCI 2020 in partnership with the UCLA Library

The FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute August 3 – 7 2020. The UCLA Library, Los Angeles, California, USA We are delighted to announce that the FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute partnership program is offering ALPSP members... read more

Friday 29 November 2019

Hypothesis Releases Gradebook Integration for Every LMS and IMS LTI Certification

Last December, we released the Hypothesis LMS app, a tool that enables you to integrate collaborative web annotation for course readings in any LMS with single sign-on and automatic private annotation groups for each class. In August, we announced... read more

Friday 29 November 2019

Enhanced COUNTER Release 5 Validation Tool

We have enhanced the COUNTER Release 5 Validation Tool, adding checks that were previously missing. We would encourage all content providers to test their reports again, because the improved tool can now identify additional issues. The upgraded Va... read more