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Mentorship image white bgWelcome to our mentorship scheme.

Applications for our next scheme, running April to September 2022, mentor form open now

Our scheme aims to connect colleagues across our network and create a collaborative conversation between participants which benefits all who are involved. 

We are now offering virtual Effective Mentoring training for any mentors wishing to participate. This will include a 12 month phone follow up service. The training is offered via the Centre for Strategy and Communication (basic course information here, though our version has been tailored specifically to the ALPSP scheme).

Recent feedback from this course: Excellent. Very engaging trainer, good mixture of presentation and practical exercises 

Download the ALPSP Mentorship Scheme Handbook

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Mentor feedback: "I have really enjoyed being part of ALPSP’s mentorship scheme as a mentor – one of the most rewarding things I have done this year. I have learned so much myself, hearing about how an organisation very different to my own functions, yet seeing the similarities in the situations we all face. I have been a manager for a long time, but this is a really different experience and one that has challenged me in a new way. I always look forward to the sessions with my mentee and would really recommend others to join the scheme." Sophia Anderton, The British Institute of Radiology

"I have really enjoyed and benefitted from being a mentor on the ALPSP scheme. Working with my mentee has been a really engaging, fruitful two way process and I think we have taught each other a lot: not only has being a mentor given me a fresh perspective on using my knowledge and experience, but I have also learned new approaches and embraced the opportunity to challenge myself and to grow my own skillset, and working with someone so focussed and vibrant has renewed my own energy". Hannah Baldwin, RSC

Mentee feedback: "My colleagues who have taken part have found it to be a really helpful and supportive experience, so thank you for setting this up", Amy, Intellect.

"When I look back at my career in marketing, I know that being part of the mentoring scheme will be a landmark moment. My mentor encouraged me to apply for my current Marketing Executive role at IOP Publishing and gave me the confidence and the support I was looking for to help advance my career".

"Learning from such an experienced and knowledgeable marketer was a really rewarding experience. My mentor constantly asked ‘why’ I was going about strategies and made me think about marketing from a completely new perspective. My marketing plans improved dramatically and I bettered my prioritization of workload".

"I jumped at the chance to apply for the mentorship programme and have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate! My main goal has been to improve my people-management skills, as I’m fairly new to this and have a large, global team depending on me. My mentor and I meet monthly for an hour and a half, and I’ve been able to share my fears, hopes and thoughts on a variety of my experiences, from managing underperformers to stretching top performers, helping my team build leadership skills to figuring out where I need to build out my own subject/industry knowledge and skills. I hope that I’ll be able to work informally with my mentor after the programme cycle ends!" 

  • Mentors  - application form open now 
  • Mentees - application form opening in the New Year

Main aims

Our mentoring scheme connects and supports publishing industry colleagues with a wider network of expertise and skills to help foster development and progression. By facilitating these conversations, we're taking an active role to help individuals learn and share experiences with each other. The scheme encourages collaborative learning between the mentor and mentee, whereby both will benefit from the dialogue, and share knowledge, insights and experiences.

As a founding member of C4DISC ALPSP is committed to its principles and therefore especially welcomes applications from a diverse range of publishers. C4DISC Mission and vision statements: The Mission of C4DISC is to work with organizations and individuals to build equity, inclusion, diversity, and accessibility in scholarly communications. The Vision of C4DISC is a socially just community that welcomes, values, and celebrates all who seek to contribute to scholarly communications.  


  • Currently employed mentees must work for a member organization. Mentors can be from both member and non member companies. 
  • As mentorship is skills based we do not require mentors to have worked for a particular number of years in scholarly publishing
  • Mentees can be at any stage in their career

How the mentorship scheme works

We have a limited number of places on the scheme, and mentees will be selected by the ALPSP mentorship working group (which includes members from both the Training and Membership and Marketing Committees). 

We suggest that mentors and mentees arrange at least four virtual calls during this time but if they wish to continue communications beyond this period, it is fine. We will contact you in Februarty/March 2022 to let you know if you have been accepted onto the scheme. We will then host introductory sessions, one for all mentors and one for our mentees.  

With thanks to PLS for platinum sponsorship of the ALPSP Mentorship Scheme.

Any questions or queries, please email:

As a new entrant in the academic publishing market, membership has provided a raft of useful resources to draw upon, including connections with other organizations via the conference and website, useful advice from the ever-helpful staff, and regular, up to date access to industry news and research. 

Melissa Good, ARM Education Media

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