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Organization Details

ALPSP accepts members on the understanding that those members adhere to legal and ethical good practice, and will not bring ALPSP into disrepute through their own activities or business practices. When applying for membership we require applicants to assert compliance with the ALPSP guidelines for membership

All applications for membership are considered by ALPSP Council which reserves the right to ask the applicant for appropriate supporting information. Should any member be reported to be in breach of these guidelines, ALPSP reserves the right to cancel membership. ALPSP takes no responsibility for the adherence of members to these guidelines.

Membership Type and Subscription Band

Please see the How to Join page for details of the subscription bands and rates.

Full members - not-for-profit organizations involved in publishing academic and professional information: annual direct (book and journal) publishing expenditure (i.e. production, marketing and distribution, but not salaries or indirect overheads).

Associate members - organizations and individuals involved in the production, promotion, distribution or collection of academic and professional information: annual income (gross revenue before all deductions other than sales tax) related to scholarly and professional publishing.

About your organization

This information may be used by us to improve our products and services, or by third parties in anonymized reports, Please see our Privacy Policy for full details of how we collect and use information.

ALPSP Services

Learned Publishing

Online access to Learned Publishing is free for all ALPSP Members via the ALPSP website. We can also set up IP access via Wiley Online Library (fixed IP only).


This monthly newsletter is for members only. It offers digest of industry news and developments letter and is free to all staff within your organization.

If you have any questions about completing the application form, please email Amanda Whiting.