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ALPSP is the international trade association which supports and represents not-for-profit organizations that publish scholarly and professional content, and those that work with them.  ALPSP welcomes applications for membership from organizations across the scholarly publishing community. Membership of ALPSP is for the whole organization so all employees can take advantage of the benefits on offer. We are proud to have nearly 300 member organizations across 30 countries.

We offer a wide range of member benefits to help scholarly publishers, and those that work with them, connect with their peers, stay informed, develop their skills, and have their views represented. 

Take advantage of all benefits and join ALPSP today.

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ALPSP is invaluable. You can feel very isolated at times as a small publisher and self-publishing. If I have a problem or I come across something I haven’t met with before, there is always an answer for me at ALPSP. It’s a great community for meeting with people in the same situation.

Sophia Anderton, BJU International