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Thursday 12 September 2019

Hypothesis: 7 Million Annotations and Counting

This week we’re celebrating another major milestone: Our 270,000+ registered Hypothesis users have now created over 7 million total annotations. Teachers and students are still leading this annotation activity — many now using our latest LMS integration is and participating in supported pilots — but journalists, publishers, and researchers also continue to spread collaborative annotation as a basic practice on the web.

We’re recording more than 1M annotations each quarter and seeing usage accelerate significantly. With the start of a new academic term this fall, we’re seeing more than 200% usage over the same time last year, with annotations roughly doubling every year: 1M in 2016, 2M in 2017, 4M in 2018, and 8M or more in 2019. We expect this exponential growth to continue and even increase as more organizations integrate Hypothesis into their systems and practices.  

Read full press release here.


Media: Nate Angell, Director of Marketing
Annotation in Education: Jeremy Dean, Director of Education
Twitter: @hypothes_is


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