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Tuesday 02 July 2019

BMJ Announces New Editor-in-Chief for Journal of Medical Genetics

Dr Huw Dorkins is a clinical geneticist and Official Fellow and Tutor in Medicine at the University of Oxford. Dr Huw Dorkins has been appointed as the new Editor in Chief of one of BMJ’s specialist journals, the Journal of Medical Genetics.

This international, peer-reviewed journal covers original research in human genetics and includes reviews and opinions on the latest developments in the field of genetics.

Currently serving as the Fellow & Tutor in Medicine at St Peter’s College in Oxford, Dr Dorkins is a clinical geneticist at the Leicestershire Genetics Service, Leicester, UK, with interests in the areas of cancer genetics, neurogenetics and genetics education. Dr Dorkins is a former President of the Medical Genetics section of the Royal Society of Medicine and Examiner in genetics for the Royal College of Pathologists.

“I am delighted to have been appointed editor-in-chief of the Journal of Medical Genetics” said Dr Dorkins. “Under the distinguished leadership of Professor Constantin Polychronakos over the past decade, the journal’s editorial team has enhanced its reputation for publishing high quality work in medical genetics.”

He added: “As advances in genetics and genomics have increasing impact on many areas of medicine, it is important that developments in this field are made available to the widest possible audience in healthcare.”

Allison Lang, Publishing Director at BMJ, commented: “As the new editor-in-chief, Dr Dorkins will bring a refreshing and exceptional new take to the Journal of Medical Genetics. He shares our vision at BMJ to advance the academic field of healthcare and create a healthier world. We at the BMJ know that he will only bring content to the journal that is relevant, essential, and of the highest rank to all healthcare professionals working in the field of genetics.”


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