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Learned Publishing (0953-1513) is the journal of the Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers, published in collaboration with the Society for Scholarly Publishing.  Download details about the journal and advertising here.

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October 2019 issue now online

Volume 32 No 4 October 2019

EDITORIAL: How can publishers support early career journal editors? Megan Ainsworth, Early Careers Editor Learned Publishing
RESEARCH ARTICLE: Final outcome of articles rejected after revision at Obstetrics & Gynecology: An investigation Kartik K. Venkatesh and Nancy C. Chescher,  University of North Carolina, USA Rebecca S. Benner and Thomas W. Riggs, Obstetrics & Gynecological Editorial Offices, Washington, USA
RESEARCH ARTICLE: Exploring the scholarly communication styles of Arab social science and humanities scholars Ahmed Maher Khafaga Shehata, Minia University, Egypt
2019 ALPSP Awards  
RESEARCH ARTICLE: The harsh world of publishing in emerging regions and implications for editors and publishers: The case of Vietnam Quan‐Hoang Vuong, Phenikka University, Vietnam
RESEARCH ARTICLE: A survey of medical ghostwriting in China Qiang Zou, Jingqiu Ma and Xiaoyang Sheng, The University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China
RESEARCH ARTICLE: Misrepresentation of institutional affiliations: The results from an exploratory case study of Chilean authors  Vivienne C. Bachelet, Francisco A. Uribe, Rubén A. Díaz, Alonso F. Vergara, Fabiana Bravo‐Córdova, Víctor A. Carrasco, Francisca J. Lizana, Nicolás Meza‐Ducaud and María S. Navarrete, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile
RESEARCH ARTICLE: The future of academic publishing: Revolution or evolution revisited Francis Dodds, Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, Cambridge, UK
RESEARCH ARTICLE: Text recycling: Views of North American journal editors from an interview‐based study Michael Pemberton, Georgia Southern University, USA, Susanne Hall, California Institute of Technology, USA, Cary Moskovitz, Duke University, USA and Chris M. Anson, North Carolina State University, USA.
INDUSTRY UPDATE: CiteScore metrics: Creating journal metrics from the Scopus citation index Chris James, Lisa Colledge, Wim Meester, Elsevier, The Netherlands,  Norman Azoulay, Elsevier, New York, USA,   Andrew Plume, Elsevier, Oxford, UK
INDUSTRY UPDATE:  On the limitations of recent lawsuits against Sci‐Hub, OMICS, ResearchGate, and Georgia State University Stewart Manley, University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CASE STUDyY How publishers and editors can help early career researchers: Recommendations from a roundtable discussion Anna O'Brien, Chris Graf, Kate McKellar, Wiley, Oxford, UK
CASE STUDY: Maximizing dissemination and engaging readers: The other 50% of an author's day: A case study Toby Green, OECD, France
OPINION PIECE: Reproducibility crisis, the scientific method, and the quality of published studies: Untangling the knot Thiago F. A. França and José Maria Monserrat, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande – FURG, Italy
REVIEW: Library Acquisitions Patterns: Review James Galbraith, Binghamton University Libraries, USA

About Learned Publishing

Read by publishers, librarians, academics and others working in publishing around the world Learned Publishing has a fully international authorship. Articles on all aspects of scholarly communication, from the author perspective to reviewing, technology, marketing and discoverability, new initiatives, readership, data, internationalization, and more, are included.

Promotion and dissemination of academic works has been a core publisher function for the last several hundred years of scholarly communications. As discussed in a recent Learned Publishing white paper, publishers are under more pressure than ever to reach readers beyond the traditional confines of journals and faculty tenure cycles. Read more about what Learned Publishing authors have been saying on the Reach & Impact of Research Articles Beyond the Academy

Occasional special issues are also produced including:  Peer Review (January 2016), University Press Redux (October 2016 and September 2018), Discoverability (January 2017), Accessibility (January 2018) and Question Everything: the future of scholarly publishing (January 2019). Coming up in the January 2020 issue is The Future of Scholarly Publishing 

Published quarterly in print, Learned Publishing is distributed to all ALPSP members with online access to SSP members. All articles are free to view after 24 months.

From January 2016 Learned Publishing has been published by Wiley in partnership with ALPSP. Accepted articles are available before issue selection via Early View. For article submission information, details on how to subscribe or advertising rates for the print edition, follow the menu options on the top right.

If you work for an ALPSP member organization, please login to access all issues.
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Editorial Board and Associate Editors

The editorial team and Learned Publishing board are dedicated to making sure the content is relevant, up-to-date and high quality.

Editor-in-Chief: Pippa Smart editor@alpsp.org
North American Editor: Lettie Conrad US-editor@alpsp.org

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Associate Editors

Anthony Cond, Liverpool University Press, UK
Jenny Neophytou, Wiley, UK
Andrew Plume, Elsevier, UK
Adrian Stanley, Digital Science, USA
Early Career Editor Megan Ainsworth, Liverpool University Press, UK
Statistical Editors Kornelia Junge, Wiley, Germany
Xiaofeng Wang, Chinese Laser Press, China
Reviews Editors Tom Hill, Copyright Licensing New Zealand, NZ
Rachel Kessler, ProQuest, USA
Editorial Board

Rick Anderson, SSP, and Assoc Dean, Marriott Library, University of Utah USA
Peter Ashman, The BMJ, UK
Casey Busher, bepress, USA
Todd Carpenter, NISO, USA
Chris Graf, Wiley, UK
Sun Huh, Hallym University and Korean Council of Science Editors, South Korea
Phill Jones, Double L Digital, UK
Bill Kasdorf, Kasdorf & Associates, USA 
Rachael Lammey, Crossref, UK
Judy Luther, Informed Strategies, USA
Monica McCormick, University of Delaware Library and Press, USA
Vivek Mehra, SAGE India, MD India
Ann Michael, PLOS
Charlie Rapple, Kudos, UK
Shengli Ren, NSFC, China 
Wayne Sime (ALPSP) Chief Executive ALPSP, UK
Andrew Stammer, CSIRO, Australia
Anne Stone, TBI Communications, USA
Helen (YH) Zhang, Zhejiang University Press, China

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