Learned Publishing Special Issues

Themed and Special Issues

The January issue

The first issue of the year is a themed issue to allow more in-depth consideration of an area of scholarly publishing. We invite authors, and also call for papers on the topic which is set the previous year.  View these on the Wiley Online Library.

  • January 2023: Implementing DEIA in scholarly publishing - call for papers
  • January 2022: The future of research data: Sharing, publishing & building infrastructure
  • January 2021: Resilience in research & scholarly communications
  • January 2020: Changes and challenges to society publishing
  • January 2019: Question everything – the future of scholarly publishing
  • January 2018: Accessibility
  • January 2017: Discoverability
  • January 2016: Peer Review

Special issues

We publish occasional special issues, including ones based on the University Press Redux Conferences.  These are free to read on the Wiley Online Library.

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