Learned Publishing - January 2022 Special Issue

Special issue announcement for Learned Publishing, January 2022:


The future of research data: Sharing, publishing & building infrastructure

The next themed issue will focus on the latest efforts in research data sharing and why data publishing matters to our industry. Learned Publishing invites your contributions!

Historically, publishers have been focused on stewardship of the final artifact of a research project, disseminated in manuscript format. Yet, researcher demand for data sharing is on the rise, in part to accelerate discovery in key STM fields and in part to capture the data market, estimated at 10 billion Euro. And some journals are beginning to require research data sharing statements or citations to link the article to its original datasets. What does this mean for our industry? What is the publisher's responsibility in research data management and standards?

Contributors will offer insights into researcher, funder, librarian, and publisher priorities for research data and collaborative efforts to develop standards and infrastructure to support data sharing. We would like to hear directly from research communities, scholarly societies and associations, and research institutions of all kinds, to give voice to those fields of study with high demand for data sharing and reuse. We encourage perspectives on the RDA and related organizations and initiatives focused on establishing protocols for its storage, distribution, and reuse. We would like to feature analysis of why research data archiving and/or publishing should be a priority for our industry and how these priorities are connected to the open science movement.

This themed issue will feature articles that demonstrate the benefits and challenges of research data distribution, re-analysis, and the various competing visions across regions and stakeholders, from funders to research institutions. We would like to hear what data repositories are in existence and how they measure success. Readers will learn about data-hungry research fields and mutual benefits gained by our investments in data infrastructure. Contributors might reflect on privacy issues, software implications, and what we can learn from governmental data protocols. We encourage case studies and analysis of the business opportunities available in data publishing.

Led by North American Editor, Lettie Y Conrad, submissions to this special issue are due 1 September 2021. Please see author guidelines and our submission instructions.

To make any enquiries, or propose any papers, please speak to one of the issue Editors:

Lettie Conrad: us-editor@alpsp.org

Wendy Ding: Wendy.ding@degruyter.com

Richard Delahunty: Richard.Delahunty@tandf.co.uk