Learned Publishing - January 2021 Special Issue

Resilience in research & scholarly communications

While planning ahead feels like an uphill climb these days, the Learned Publishing team is gearing up for a special issue asking what it takes to survive – and thrive – during disasters and emergencies like the global Covid-19 pandemic. Slated for January 2021, this issue will spotlight stories of organizational resilience and successful crisis management.

In times of upheaval, members of the research communications and scholarly publishing community are forced to reassess priorities and make hard choices as we adapt to new conditions. Our strengths and weaknesses are tested, and lessons are quickly learned about what is possible and sustainable, both in ordinary periods and during emergencies.

  • What does it take to establish a culture that can quickly pivot products and services?
  • How are organizations faring and what skills are required for agile change management?
  • How are researchers, librarians and publishers working together to respond to demands for distance learning and remote research at scale?
  • What does this mean for the future of libraries and publishers of all types and sizes?
  • How do these factors change the way knowledge is developed and disseminated?

In this special issue, Learned Publishing authors and editors will address how this crisis is changing the way we work, how we plan, and where we invest. Led by North American Editor, Lettie Conrad, and Guest Editors, Anne Stone and Phill Jones, this issue will demonstrate what resilience looks like in scholarly communications in the 2020s.