How to Join

Full membership is open to not-for-profit organizations anywhere in the world involved in publishing academic and professional information. Representatives of Full members are entitled to be elected to Council and to vote at the Annual General Meeting. 

Associate membership is open to organizations involved in any aspect of the production, promotion, distribution or collection of academic and professional information, or those that work with full members.

ALPSP Guidelines for membership

ALPSP accepts members on the understanding that those members adhere to legal and ethical good practice, and will not bring ALPSP into disrepute through their own activities or business practices. All applicants are required to accept the ALPSP Guidelines for membership.

Membership is for everyone in the organization. All staff that work for a member can access the relevant benefits and take part in ALPSP’s activities. 

Membership Application form

You may make your application by completing the pdf or the online form.
Membership application form (download pdf)  
Complete the web form on the Application for membership link.

When we receive your application, we will check the details and get back to you with any queries. The application is submitted to ALPSP’s Council for approval. This takes approximately two weeks. If approved, we will send an invoice for the subscription fee. Membership is activated as soon as we receive payment of the subscription. Please do not send any payment with your application form.

Subscription Rates 

The subscription year runs January to December and is charged on a pro rata basis depending on when you join. Pro rata joining rates are:

  • 1 January to 31 March charged 100%
  • 1 April to 30 June charged 75%
  • 1 July to 30 September charged 50%
  • 1 October to 31 December 25%

The subscription includes one print copy of the quarterly journal Learned Publishing and online access to all staff within the organization.  Additional print subscriptions may be added to your membership at the reduced rate of £58.25.

Subscription bands

The subscription rates are split by bands. 

Full member rates are based on annual direct scholarly and professional publishing expenditure on production, marketing and distribution, but not salaries or indirect overheads.

Associate member rates are based on gross revenue before all deductions other than sales tax that relate to scholarly and professional publishing. 

VAT or sales tax where applicable is payable in addition to the rates shown.

Contact Amanda Whiting if you have any questions about joining ALPSP.

Subscription rates for 2020 


Upper Band Limits
Full Members:
based on
publishing expenditure
Associate Members: based
on gross revenue
(before deductions) 
rate 2020* 
    GB £
1 £40k £280
2 £120k £445
3 £0.6m £970
4 £2.3m £1,340
5 £7.5m £1,900
6 £20m £2,760
7 £50m £4,570
8 £100m £6,440
9 Over
Learned Publishing
extra print subscription

* excludes VAT


photo conference audience

We value our membership of ALPSP...for access to networks of colleagues in similar businesses.

Sally Hardy, Regional Studies Association