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Tuesday 13 December 2016

Developing Ethical Commercial Revenues in a Changing Publishing Landscape

Date and time

Tuesday 13 December 2016, online at 10:00 - 11:30 EST (New York) / 15:00 - 16:30 BST (London) / 16:00-17:30 CEST (Europe)* 
*Please note: if you are unable to join the webinar on this date and time, you may register and receive a recording for viewing at a time to suit you.

Chair: Gavin Sharrock, Business Development Director, Wiley

 Gavin Sharrock photoGavin has worked at Wiley (formerly Blackwell Publishing) for over 20 years. He has considerable experience in digital product development in a publishing environment, and in working with corporate clients, particularly in the Pharma industry. He is currently responsible for working with societies to generate more revenue from industry, principally through their publications. 


Commercial Sales have long been an important source of revenue for many societies, particularly in the health sciences.  Very often this income is invested to provide improved benefits for society members. Changes in legislation and industry requirements pose new challenges. Traditional models such as advertising and article reprints are in decline while other forms of sales on the increase.  Societies and publishers need to be able to navigate the ethics around commercial sales.  They need to be open and transparent and follow best practice and legislation around disclosures. 

This webinar will focus on key areas of change in the industry affecting ethical commercial sales.  What are the issues that societies and publishers need to be aware of?  What has changed? Where are the new opportunities for growth?   

Our expert speakers will focus on three key areas of commercial sales: navigating relationships with industry in an ethical manner, packaging content to add value; and editorial considerations when cooperating with the pharmaceutical industry when shaping an international clinical journal.  They will offer a range of industry perspectives and offer information and insight into the issues and opportunities in today’s market. There will also be time for questions.


James Weeks photoJames WeeksProduct Design Manager, John Wiley and Sons, UK
Dr James Weeks completed his Ph.D. at Bristol University in 2000. He then began a career in scientific publishing at Elsevier, working as a project manager on websites including In 2006, James moved to John Wiley and Sons to become editor of During his last ten years at Wiley, James has grown his career working in a business development capacity on Wiley’s B2B publishing programme, delivering innovative websites and online projects for the communities Wiley serves. In 2015, James was promoted to manage the Product Design team, which drives the pipeline of new content products and online services that are sold by the Corporate Marketing Services team at Wiley.

Tony Scully photoTony ScullyManaging Editor, Pharmaceutical Journal Publications
Tony Scully is Publisher of the journals division of Royal Pharmaceutical Society where he has led the development of The Pharmaceutical Journal’s bourgeoning sponsorship programme. Previously, Tony worked at the journal Nature where involved sponsored supplements as well as other revenue generating editorial activities. 


Johannes Ring photoProf. Dr. Johannes Ring, Professor Emeritus of Dermatology and Allergology, TUM School of Medicine, Munich and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology (JEADV)
Professor Ring has been director of the Department of Dermatology and Allergy since 1995. His major area of expertise is allergic and inflammatory skin disease. Together with Professor Heidrun Behrendt he founded ZAUM – Centre for Allergy and the Environment. In his role as dean of studies for over ten years, he has formatively shaped medical training and education. He has also set up successful education program for patients suffering from eczema and anaphylaxis and organized various large international conferences in Munich, including the Eur Derma Congr 2001 (6,000 participants) and World Allergy Congress 2005 (7,000 participants).
Having worked for seven years in the field of experimental immunology and allergology, in 1978 Professor Ring changed his focus to dermatology. Between 1990 and 1995 he was director of the Department of Dermatology and Allergy at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. Professor Ring is on the board of several major professional associations. He was president of the German Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (DGAKI), the European Academy Dermatology and Venerology (EADV) and the Collegium Internationale Allergologicum (CIA and vice president of the World Allergy Organization (WAO). 
He has received the following awards: Erich Fuchs Preis 2010; Clemens von Pirquet Award 2009 and Staatsmedallie für Umwelt und Gesundheit des Freistaats Bayern 2002.

Key Publications include: 
Traidl-Hoffmann C, Mariani V, Hochrein H, Karg K, Wagner H, Ring J, Mueller MJ, Jakob T, and Behrendt H: “Pollen-associated phytoprostanes inhibit dendritic cell interleukin-12 production and augment T helper type 2 cell polarization”. J Exp Med. 2005; 201: 627–636.
Ring J: Allergy in practice, Springer Berlin-New York, 2005Plötz SG, Simon HU, Darsow U, Simon D, Vassina E, Yousefi S, Hein R, Smith T, Behrendt H, Ring J: “Use of an anti-interleukin-5 antibody in the hypereosinophilic syndrome with eosinophilic dermatitis”. N. Engl. J. Med. 2003; 349: 2334-2339.
Ring J: Atopic Dermatitis - Eczema, Springer Berlin-New York 2016 
Ring J, Messmer K : “Incidence and severity of anaphylactoid reactions to colloid volume substitutes”. Lancet. 1977; 1: 466-469.Seifert J, Ring J, Brendel W: “Prolongation of skin allografts after oral application of antilymphocyte serum in rats“. Nature. 1975 ; 249 : 776.

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This is a must attend event for journal publishing managers, editors and directors, sales managers and senior society executives in the health sciences who wish to review and improve their commercial sales; societies and publishers wishing to explore and develop new revenue streams from commercial sales.

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