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Thursday 15 November 2018

Innovate or Perish? Lessons Learnt from Innovators & New Players Or How to Think Like a Startup

Venue: Arundel House, 13-15 Arundel Street, Temple Place, London WC2R 3DX (map). 

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Chair: Charles Thiede, CEO and Co-Founder, Zapnito


In an evolving landscape it’s critical that organizations foster a culture that can effectively drive and implement relevant innovations in a timely way. As new technologies emerge and new entrants disrupt traditional markets, publishing organizations are challenged to adapt in order to survive and thrive in the long term. Creating an innovative culture is just one part of the puzzle - how have other organizations addressed this issue? What tools and approaches can be utilised? What resources are needed? Can a startup be built from within? What lessons can be learnt from innovators and start-ups within the scholarly communications ecosystem?  Join us for an agile discussion on how to think like a startup - to drive innovation and remove the barriers within.

  • Understanding the startup way and applying this to your product development experience, strategy and governance structures
  • Updates on new innovations within the industry
  • Learning more about the opportunities for traditional publishers as a result of disruption, new players, and different approaches within the industry.

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Why is innovation a challenge for established publishers? 
Charles Thiede explores the theory of the innovator’s dilemma and what publishers can learn from it in this blog.


Speaker Biographies

09:00 Registration and coffee  
09:30 Trends and new entrants
Startup thinking:
- How corporates think
- How startups think
- Triple constraints
- 10 constraints
Chair: Charles Thiede,
CEO and Co-Founder, Zapnito
 photo Charles Thiede
10:15 Innovation Within: Using M&A and partnership to accelerate corporate growth (and lessons learnt from the top)
Mark Allin, Former CEO of Wiley and Entrepreneur
Established corporate players find innovation hard. Even when ideas are good, execution can be flawed, from investment to incentives. Innovation can be bought by acquiring or partnering with entrepreneurial, disruptive businesses. To make this successful though expectations must be carefully aligned and entreprenarial spirit enhanced, not stifled. It is a fine line. Mark shares lessons from digital transformation in an established publishing business.
 Mark Allin Picture
11:00 Tea and Coffee  
11:15 Day in the Life of a Startup
James Gill, CEO of GoSquared
No two days are the same when building a startup - so in this talk James will cover a series of events contributing to his best days, and his worst while running GoSquared. To be truly innovative means making many mistakes and being willing to fall flat on your face - so James will make every effort to give a true picture of what building GoSquared has been like so far.
 James Gill
11:45 Day in the Life of a Startup 
Alex Tran Qui, Co-Founder of Katalysis
Alex will give a brief insight into how he fell into the rabbit hole and how Katalysis is bringing blockchain technology to the publishing industry. Throughout the session, Alex will talk about his experience of Innovation in the various positions he served in, and share some learning and opinions on how Start-ups and Corporates can work more efficiently together.
  Alex Tran Qui
12:15 Q&A with speakers  
12:45 Lunch  
13:30 From Mendeley to Elsevier, from Kopernio to Clarivate - a story
Jan Reichelt
The workflow from research to the reader, the funding of research to the application of research is a complicated ecosystem that has many many flaws. And these flaws get in the way of the improvement and delivery of scientific research. At Mendeley, we were a startup that challenged one key part of the workflow - the discovery and sharing of research information. We then took this into Elsevier to further mature the model and help improve it and scale it. At Kopernio, we challenged the process of how researchers were accessing research articles. We are now taking this into Clarivate to help develop this further. This is the story about these journeys and how startups and mature organisations can work together using their strengths and think differently about their weaknesses.
Jan Reichelt picture
14:00 Taking Mendeley to Enterprise
Kevin Hinde,
Digital Media Technologist, Elsevier
What does it take to turn a successful product like Mendeley into a digital platform, supporting a whole range of products which are used in the information workflow of scientists? This talk will go beyond APIs, and explore the strategic, organizational and technical challenges which have to be faced, and ways to overcome them.
 Kevin Hinde
14:30 Q&A with speakers  
14:45 Tea and Coffee  
15:00 Building a startup from within 1
Grace Baynes,
VP, Research Data & New Product Development for Open Research, Springer Nature
If we are paying attention to our customers' evolving unmet needs, all of us will be innovating, whether on new or existing products and services. Innovation and building new products inside an established organization brings real benefits which aren't available to an independent start-up founder. But it also brings challenges and responsibilities that need to be carefully navigated. Reflecting on twelve months of building our new research data products and services within Springer Nature, I'll share some of the opportunities, challenges and lessons learned.
 Grace Baynes Picture
15:30 From traditional publisher to high-growth scale-up
Phil Garner, 
Managing Director at Future Science Group
We're in an industry under constant disruption - whether real or noise. But it signals that evolution is necessary.
As scholarly publishers, we have trusted brands earned through years of publishing robust and carefully managed content, and we have an audience who recognizes these brands through the crowd - so the most important boxes are ticked. As new technology becomes more easily accessible, and user behaviour/expectation evolves to demand more, there's opportunity to use the 'traditional' publishing strengths to open up new directions.
To enable this, there needs to be commitment to a culture of curiosity and a desire to do something different - and at pace. But this must be coupled with underlying operational fitness and business best practice. I'll talk about how we are doing this (whether rightly or wrongly) at FSG.
Phil Garner
16:00 Startup tools and approaches - managing chaos
Jon Beer, Co-founder and CTO and Jen Thoroughgood, Chief Product Officer, both Zapnito
Startups are generally considered to be more agile than big corporations but how do you stop agility morphing into chaos? The CTO and CPO of SaaS start-up Zapnito reveal the (cheap and cheerful) tools they rely on to run their startup; they share what they have experienced in transitioning from life at a large corporation to the work of a startup, and share their tips for bringing a bit of startup agility to large corporations.
Jen Thoroughgood pictureJon Beer
16:30 Using feedback and keeping focused for agility
Rob Browton, Sam Dawson, both Feedback Works
A highly interactive sessions where we will be discussing:
1. Sources of feedback at work
    a. How we can understand what's going on
2. Mechanisms by which we can measure feedback
    a. How we can know where we are
3. The purpose of feedback for people and businesses
    a. How we can use it to benefit everyone
Rob BrowtonSam Dawson
17.00 Q&A with speakers  
17:15 Wrap up
Chair: Charles Thiede, CEO and Co-Founder, Zapnito
17:30 Drinks and Networking  

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