EDI/DEIA working group examples

  • External research segmented website
  • Independent report into EDI/DEIA with recommendations
  • Establish a plan to improve the different aspects of EDI/DEIA e.g. Gender Equality Plan to improve gender equality and representation
  • Host a central EDI/DEIA calendar of events and how people can get involved
  • EDI/DEIA focused communications through newsletters, Yammer, Teams etc.
  • Hold a ‘Diversity month’ and run a number of events throughout the month
  • Go beyond just Diversity Month and continue the calendar of events throughout the year
  • Join and represent your organization at EDI/DEIA committees/working groups and events
  • Look at all groups represented, rather than just focusing on what is being talked about in the news
  • Lunches with foods from different cultures, and coffee chats to talk about EDI/DEIA key topics
  • Send out surveys, present the findings, and be transparent in actioning the results, so people feel confident they are being listened to
  • Share existing industry toolkits or create new ones and share with the industry e.g. anti-racism, improved communication, increased accessibility
  • Slack channel sharing experiences and forming discussion
  • Charitable donation to help support progression 
  • Source inclusive language guide and add as a best practice resource and EDI/DEIA web page
  • Review how you ask your staff to identify e.g. Self-ID
  • Be supportive to all groups and individuals e.g. allyship
  • Review and look at existing panels and groups to ensure they are as diverse as they can be across a number of groups e.g. “Old white guy” panels
  • Talk about EDI/DEIA initiatives that fail and share with each other
  • Disseminating examples of white papers, case studies, best practices through listservs etc
  • Wellness Days to encourage acceptance and openness around our mental health

Get involved

Please submit your feedback and lessons learned to edi@alpsp.org, so we can continue helping the industry progress.