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ALPSP Response to IPO on extended TDM copyright exception

ALPSP has responded to the IPO’s recent announcement regarding the introduction of an extended text and data mining (TDM) copyright exception. We have significant concerns about the impact this exception may have across the whole creative industry landscape, but in particular how this will affect...


ALPSP Policy Bulletin, Issue 26: July 2022

Updates from the ALPSP Copyright Committee - Journal Comparison Service; IPO consultations; TDM; Exhaustion; CC licences.

Effective Management of Rights: Driving revenue and improving workflow

Event (multiple dates) - Free webinar - PLEASE NOTE THAT BOOKING FOR THIS EVENT HAS NOW CLOSED Date and time Monday 23 January 2017, online at 15:00-16:00 GMT (London); 16:00-17:00 Europe (CEST) *Please note: if you are unable to join the webinar at this time, you may register and receive...


ALPSP Policy Bulletin Issue 10: May 2018

ALPSP Members only. GDPR update; GDPR Right to be forgotten; Copyright: UK Brexit; EU Copyright Directive; Australia copyright consultation; Ireland updates copyright legislation; Geo-blocking; EU consultation on tackling illegal online content.


Policy Bulletin Issue 9: February 2018

ALPSP Members only: US Copyright Office Exemptions; Compendium; recordation of copyright; New Copyright exceptions discussed at WIPO; SCL; Sanctions, Safe Harbour Bill to Australian Parliament; Geo-blocking ban; EU Directive update, GDPR & ePrivacy.

How to Optimise Revenue From Permissions

Event (multiple dates) - FREE WEBINAR Date and time Tuesday 21 November 2017, online at 11:00-12:00 GMT (UK), 12:00-13:00 CET (Central Europe)  *Please note: if you are unable to join the webinar at this time, you may register and receive a recording to view...