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ALPSP Response to IPO on extended TDM copyright exception

ALPSP has responded to the IPO’s recent announcement regarding the introduction of an extended text and data mining (TDM) copyright exception. We have significant concerns about the impact this exception may have across the whole creative industry landscape, but in particular how this will affect...

Licensing your Content - Virtual classroom - 9 & 10 December - FULLY BOOKED

Event (multiple dates) - This course will be running in 2021. Dates to be announced soon. The course will be delivered in two sessions on 9 & 10 December at the following times: 9:00-12:00 EST (New York), 14:00-17:00 GMT (UK), 15:00-18:00 CET (Central...

PLS: Collective Licensing in the UK for academic and learned journal publishers

Event (multiple dates) - Free webinar for ALPSP publisher members and publishers signed up to PLS. Thursday 30 January 2020, 15:00 (GMT) start – for approximately one hour. ALPSP Members - please login to access the booking link. Presenters from Publishers' Licensing Services (PLS)...

Licensing your Content

Event (multiple dates) - Please contact to find out if this course is running in 2020. It is available as an in-house event to ALPSP members. Please contact for details. Overview Licensing content has rapidly become a key...


PLS Permissions

PLS Permissions information


New Jisc model licence

Jisc is rolling out the new Jisc model licence in agreements with publishers in 2018. Find out what has changed.


Policy Bulletin Issue 9: February 2018

ALPSP Members only: US Copyright Office Exemptions; Compendium; recordation of copyright; New Copyright exceptions discussed at WIPO; SCL; Sanctions, Safe Harbour Bill to Australian Parliament; Geo-blocking ban; EU Directive update, GDPR & ePrivacy.

How to Optimise Revenue From Permissions

Event (multiple dates) - FREE WEBINAR Date and time Tuesday 21 November 2017, online at 11:00-12:00 GMT (UK), 12:00-13:00 CET (Central Europe)  *Please note: if you are unable to join the webinar at this time, you may register and receive a recording to view...

Licensing your Content

Event (multiple dates) - Please contact Melissa Marshall to find out if this course is running in 2018. If you are interested in running this in-house contact - this option is available to ALPSP members only. Overview Licensing content has...


Publishers Licensing Society named Innovator of the Year by the Stationers' Company

The awards were presented at Stationers' Hall on 20 June.


Straightforward Permissions with PLSclear

PLSclear is a service from the Publishers Licensing Society, which simplifies the permissions process, ensuring it wastes less time. Start searching now.


Useful Services: PLSclear - managing requests to reuse extracts of your titles

Most publishers do not have specialist staff to handle “permissions requests” - adhoc requests to copy extracts or quotes from your titles. This means handling permissions often becomes a frustrating and inefficient task, taking up time when you could be doing something else. This...

Licensing your Content

Event (multiple dates) - This course will be running again in 2017. Please contact Melissa Marshall for dates. For in-house enquiries (members only), please contact Amanda Whiting.  Overview Licensing content has rapidly become a key component of the academic publishing environment...

Understanding Copyright

Event (multiple dates) - This course will be running again in 2017. Please contact Melissa Marshall for dates. For in-house enquiries (members only), please contact Amanda Whiting.  Overview This course provides an essential introduction to copyright law and how it is used in practice...


Repeal of S52 of the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act

Audrey McCulloch, ALPSP This article features in the ALPSP Policy Bulletin, Issue 2: April 2016 This has been a contentious development to the legislation, one which is still rumbling on, despite the UK Government having published its response to the final consultation and once again...


ALPSP and The PA to host debate on Brexit and academic publishing at Frankfurt Book Fair

ALPSP and The PA are to host a debate on the impact of Brexit on academic publishing at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair. Thursday 20 October 2016, 10:30 to 11:00 am, Publishing Perspectives Stage, Hall 6.0, Frankfurt Book Fair. Audrey McCulloch, CEO of ALPSP will introduce a panel including...


PLS launches enhanced permissions management services

Publishers to "save time and maximise revenues" from in-bound permissions requests PLS will be officially launching an enhanced suite of permissions management services at this years’ Frankfurt Book Fair. Many publishers waste time and lose revenues because their processes for managing...


Brexit Briefing - September 2016

Introduction In the referendum that took place in the UK on Thursday 23 June 2016, it was decided by a small majority the UK should leave the European Union. It is still uncertain what the medium or long-term implications will be. We will keep a close eye on developments and update you as and...

Introduction to Journals Publishing

Event (multiple dates) - Overview This is an essential introductory course covering all aspects of journals publishing for those who are at the beginning of their careers. It covers everything from peer review to online delivery, and provides delegates with a clear understanding of how all the...


Extension of copyright term for industrially manufactured artistic works - who will this affect?

Shireen Peermohamed, Harbottle & Lewis This article features in ALPSP Policy Bulletin, Issue 3: July 2016. Sign up to receive future issues here. Section 52 of the UK's Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 will be repealed on 28 July 2016. The effect of this will be to extend the...


What do researchers think of TDM?

Audrey McCulloch, ALPSP This article features in ALPSP Policy Bulletin, Issue 3: July 2016. Sign up to receive future issues here. One of the reasons given for the demand for changes to copyright legislation, which will supposedly facilitate text and data mining, is the huge demand in...


The right Rights?

Ruth Tellis and Clare Hodder - Rights2 Consultants This article features in the ALPSP Policy Bulletin, Issue 2: April 2016 An alternative view of the London Book Fair The London Book Fair is one of our industry’s biggest rights showcase, sales and trading event, this year seemed busier...


Cost benefit analysis of copyright exceptions in Australia

Audrey McCulloch, ALPSP This article features in the ALPSP Policy Bulletin, Issue 2: April 2016 An inquiry by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) in 2012-2013 resulted in a recommendation for the introduction of a new copyright exception, based on the US fair-use exception. However, the...


US Internet Policy Taskforce Releases Whitepaper on Remixes, First Sale, and Statutory Damages

Darla Henderson, American Chemical Society This article features in the ALPSP Policy Bulletin, Issue 2: April 2016 At the beginning of 2016, the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force released a White Paper on Remixes, First Sale, and Statutory Damages. Designed to be a...


The Making Available Right in the United States: A Report of the Register of Copyrights

Susann Brailey, American Institute of Physics This article features in the ALPSP Policy Bulletin, Issue 2: April 2016 Two years in the making, the final report entitled, The Making Available Right in the United States: A Report of the Register of Copyrights, was released by the U.S. Copyright...


ALPSP Policy Bulletin, Issue 2: April 2016

The latest issue of the quarterly ALPSP Policy Bulletin is now available to all members and is packed with fascinating articles looking at current issues in the scholarly publishing world. Contents include: EU to Consider Open Access and Science Conclusions in May 2016 EU-US Privacy...


Scholarly Publishing Practice 3 2008

This is the third in a series of ALPSP surveys undertaken to establish current scholarly publishing practices, designed to track changes in policy and practice since 2000, as online publishing has matured. The survey was conducted of 400 journal publishers, both commercial and not-for-profit...


ALPSP Policy Bulletin Issue 1: January 2016

ALPSP has launched the first in a series of quarterly policy bulletins for its members. Compiled by our Government Affairs and Copyright Sub-Committees, the bulletin will aim to bring members up to date on a range of policy related topics. Future issues will record what’s been happening and...


Licensing E-book Rights

There are many ways for a publisher to take advantage of its book titles electronically. As with journals, a publisher may wish simply to host its books on its own website, or it may choose to make its books available more widely by licensing its content to aggregators. These third party hosting...


Licensing Journal Electronic Rights to Aggregators

Publishers have numerous and varied routes for disseminating their journal content electronically. A publisher may wish to host its material just on its own server, or it may choose to make its material available more widely by making arrangements with other hosting organisations. These third...


Licensing Business Models for eJournals

A potentially unlimited number of models could be used to price electronic licences – however, in practice the number of variables is limited. This advice note provides an overview of the key licensing business models for eJournals. It was written by Sally Morris in November 2001.


Granting Permissions

Scholarly publishers will always be in receipt of requests from third parties who wish to reproduce their content. Ensuring such requests are handled effectively and efficiently will help keep workloads manageable, ensure the business has an accurate record of where its content has been licensed...


Seeking Permissions

Obtaining permissions to use third party content can be a daunting experience. This article provides an overview of the process, considering when permission may be required and how permissions are sought and obtained. This information is provided for the guidance of ALPSP members and is not...


Copyright in Scholarly Publications

Scholarly publications are made up of an array of copyright material and publishers should ensure that they have not only acquired the full spectrum of rights they will need in order to publish their books or journals successfully, but also to ensure they have good records of the rights they have...


Copyright: An Overview

This advice note gives an overview of copyright in the UK and also contains a section highlighting the key differences in copyright protection between the UK and the US.    This information is provided for the guidance of ALPSP members and is not provision of legal advice.  Independent legal...


Licensing in China

The People’s Republic of China is a remote country with a vast population, but one which has progressed by leaps and bounds after a period divorced from contact with the west. How can UK academic publishers and learned societies tap into the market and are there pitfalls for the...


UK Copyright Exceptions - April 2014

Following on from the Hargreaves Review of IP the UK Government has tabled new and amended exceptions to UK Copyright Law. This briefing summarizes the five Statutory Instruments (SIs) designed to amend the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA) that have been tabled.


Modernising Copyright in Ireland - November 2013

Following a consultation that took place in 2012, the Copyright Review Committee (CRC) in Ireland has produced its long-awaited report. The consultation would have been recognizable to anyone familiar with the review of copyright undertaken by Ian Hargreaves in the UK, and the title of the...


UK Government Response to the Consultation on Copyright Exceptions - December 2012

The UK Government today (20 Dec 2012) released their response to the consultation on widening copyright exceptions. A press release was also circulated. Despite the recognition that the “UK already has a strong framework for supporting copyright works”, the Government still feels that there...


High Value Content: Big Data Meets Mega Text

Roy Kaufman, Managing Director of New Ventures at Copyright Clearance Center explains how. Big data may be making headlines, but numbers don’t always tell the whole story.  Experts estimate that at least 80% of all data in any organization—not to mention in the World Wide Web...


Current Practice in Peer Review 2000

A combined ALPSP/EASE survey which aims to give a greater understanding of the peer review process in a variety of disciplines and to provide a set of agreed guidelines.


Scholarly Publishing Practice 1 2003

ALPSP report on academic journal publishers’ policies and practices in online publishing'


Aggregators and the Primary Journal 2004

An ALPSP Report on the Impact of Aggregated Databases on Primary Journals in the Academic Library Market and a Review of Publisher Practice


Scholarly Publishing Practice 2 2005

This report, carried out by ALPSP, is a second major study of the policies and practices of 400 international academic journal publishers, both not-for-profit and commercial, drawn from the memberships of ALPSP and other major publishing associations.


Guide to rights and royalties management software 2007

This guide offers an overview of the available rights and royalties software systems. It provides an introduction to rights and royalties and some of the trends in the field and looks at the potential benefits offered by software systems. It presents six publisher case-studies and identifies and...


Scholarly Journals Publishing Practice. Academic journal publishers' policies and practices in online publishing. Fourth survey 2013

This international survey, the fourth in this research series from ALPSP, was undertaken to establish current scholarly publishing practices and assess changes in practice and policy across the industry