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ALPSP Policy Bulletin Issue 10: May 2018

ALPSP Members only. GDPR update; GDPR Right to be forgotten; Copyright: UK Brexit; EU Copyright Directive; Australia copyright consultation; Ireland updates copyright legislation; Geo-blocking; EU consultation on tackling illegal online content.


The DAISY Consortium releases Ace, the Free EPUB Accessibility Checking Tool

Designed to assist content providers at any stage in their workflow, Ace by DAISY will make it easier to produce higher quality, more accessible EPUB content files.


Learned Publishing January 2018 - Accessibility special issue is now online

The first issue of Learned Publishing for 2018 is dedicated entirely to accessibility in academic and professional publishing.


Roadblocks to Accessibility

Lettie Conrad's post on Scholarly Kitchen asks: Why does end-to-end accessible publishing continue to elude us?


Member Briefing: A guide to accessible publishing

For ALPSP Members only. Authors: Alistair McNaught / Sarah Hilderley. Digital workflows are a great gift to disabled people and, likewise, disabled people are great gift for digital publishing. But it doesn’t always seem that way, so let’s explore the issues…

Digital Content and Disability

Event (multiple dates) - UCL Centre for Digital Humanities This afternoon seminar will examine accessibility and usability issues in digital content, with a particular – but not exclusive – emphasis on learning-disabled people. Further...


Accessibility Update

Read the latest updates from the Accessible Books Consortium on the ABC Global Book Service and Marrakesh Treaty.