ALPSP Conference and Awards 2020

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About the Conference

The ALPSP Conference provides a friendly forum in which to share information and knowledge, learn about new initiatives, and engage in open discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing publishing today. With expert speakers and a wide ranging programme, our annual event is for everyone in the scholarly publishing community. We also offer a range of sponsorship opportunities for this key event in the calendar, which attracts a high level audience from all sectors of the scholarly communications industry. 

Call for session proposals

The 2020 ALPSP Conference will be held in Manchester, UK from 16-18 September. The programme committee welcomes proposals for presentations and/or sessions on the following themes. The closing date for proposals is 15 January.

  1. Technology & Innovation
    including: industry updates (incorporating short presentations on new industry initiatives)
  2. The Internationalization of Publishing: Global Perspectives on Industry Trends
    including: academic freedom, funding models, social media, collaboration and accessibility, society publishing.
  3. The New Open: customers, communities and the transition
    Considering a broad range of perspectives, including funders, small publishers, researchers, institutions and so on. Plus trends and case studies relating to open research, trust and reproducibility
  4. Accessibility 360: Perspectives on the journey towards accessible publishing
    including practical case studies from a range of organisations, from those just starting out to industry leaders.
  5. Mindful transitions: Taking control of your career journey
    Changing roles within publishing, how and why individuals move between publishing and other industries, addressing the challenges and how to support career changes.
  6. The future of books 
  7. UN Sustainable Development Goals from the perspective of scholarly publishing and activities within your own organization

How to submit a session proposal

Please send your proposal by email to
Your submission should include the following information about the proposal

  • Title
  • Overview (approximately 200 words)
  • Which theme(s) the presentation aligns to
  • Presenter’s name, affiliation and 25 word biography
  • Previous presentations: Has the paper been presented previously and if so where.
  • Full contact details of presenter or person making the submission

The closing date for submissions is 15 January 2020.  All submissions will be reviewed by the Programme Committee.  The Committee’s decision as to which presentations are selected is final.

If you are not currently on the ALPSP mailing list and would like to be kept up-to-date with ALPSP conference news or sponsorship opportunities, then please email or