ALPSP Awards

The winners of the 2017 ALPSP Awards were announced at the Conference Dinner on 14 September. Download the press release (pdf).

Watch the video of the Awards Finalists Session from the ALPSP Conference here

ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing 2017

For 2017, the judges are delighted to announce two winners: Publons and SourceData from EMBO.  

ALPSP Award for Contribution to Scholarly Publishing

photo Sara Miller McCune
Council was delighted to present this year’s award to Sara Miller McCune, Founder and Executive Chairman, SAGE Publishing.

Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering dedication to academia, the then-24-year-old Sara founded SAGE in 1965 in New York City. As well as growing a hugely successful publishing business, Sara is also a major philanthropist. She founded the charitable McCune Foundation in 1990 and has also funded schools in the developing world and made significant financial contributions to many other health and cultural causes. She’s won several major business awards and was recently honored by the Women’s Campaign International at an event entitled: “Shattering the Glass Ceiling, Honoring Inspirational Women Around the Globe”.

All of this has been achieved while keeping the company independent. Sara is worthy of recognition for her work relating to scholarly publishing – under her leadership SAGE has not only undertaken many progressive initiatives, it has promoted an open approach to partnering and supporting young companies.

ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing  

The ALPSP Awards celebrate the best innovators in our industry at a time when scholarly publishing is changing rapidly. They are open to any new development, product, service, launch or project within scholarly communication. The judges look for excellence in terms of originality and innovation, significance and value to the community, utility and long-term viability. This year, panel received forty submissions ranging from the peer review process to funding analysis to accessibility issues for authors, and from these they selected a shortlist of six. These six made a presentation to the judges, following which the panel selected the eventual winners. Posts from each of the finalists may be found on the ALPSP blog A summary of all the submissions may be found on the Conference website 

For 2017, the judges are delighted to announce two winners - Publons and SourceData from EMBO


photo awards Publons stage presentation
Publons is harnessing the power of peer review to reshape scholarly communication. Its crosspublisher platform collects peer review activity and helps researchers to keep a verified record of their review and editorial work. Publons is also providing free, online training for reviewers and developing the tools that editors need , screen, contact and motivate reviewers.
The judges welcomed this initiative from Publons which benefits the whole publishing community and recognise the scale of the undertaking involved to make their vision a reality.

photo SourceData awards stage presentation
SourceData from EMBO SourceData is an open scientific discovery platform to browse, connect and search papers based on the data shown in their figures. It provides a suite of intuitive tools to find research data that are locked away in figures and scientific illustrations. By enabling scientists to find the data they need in publications easily and precisely, SourceData provides intelligent, data-oriented navigation of the research literature. The judges recognised the high level of curation and complex development behind this platform and its significance to the dissemination of research.

Also shortlisted were:

Delta Think Open Access Data Analytics Tool
This service enables you to make smart, actionable, data-driven decisions about your OA business activities, using curated, continually updated interactive visualizations and analyses.
Escalex® from IFIS Publishing and Molecular Connections
The Escalex database facilitates ease of access to food regulations across geographies, with multiple ways to navigate content, and comprehensive indexing for targeted results.
Supporting INASP’s vision of research and knowledge at the heart of development, AuthorAID research-writing MOOCs are helping thousands of Southern researchers overcome their research communication challenges and publish their work.
Springer Nature SharedIt
Springer Nature SharedIt is an industry-leading initiative to provide authors and subscribers with a free, legitimate and simple way to share research with all audiences. 

Panel of judges

David Sommer, Product Director & Co-founder, Kudos (Chair); 
Andrew Barker, Associate Director, Library Services, Liverpool John Moores University; 
Lars Bjørnshauge, Managing Director, DOAJ; 
Astrid Engelen, Business Strategist, IOS Press;
Lorraine Estelle, Project Director, COUNTER;
Richard Gedye, Director of Outreach Programmes, STM;
Pam Harley, Senior Consultant, Clarke & Company;
Jane Harvell, Head of Library Academic Services & Special Collections, University of Sussex;
Robert Iannello, Sales and Marketing Manager for ARM Education Media;
John Shaw, Vice President, Publishing Technologies, SAGE Publishing;
David Smith, Head of Product Solutions, The IET

The 2017 ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing were sponsored by 

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