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Saturday 09 February 2002

The Society-Publisher Contract

Many major journals are owned by Learned Societies. They may publish themselves, or they may licence another society or a commercial publisher to publish on their behalf. Therefore, contracts between Societies & Publishers are very important. T... read more

Thursday 10 January 2002

Licensing Journal Electronic Rights to Aggregators

Publishers have numerous and varied routes for disseminating their journal content electronically. A publisher may wish to host its material just on its own server, or it may choose to make its material available more widely by making arrangements... read more

Sunday 25 November 2001

Licensing Business Models for eJournals

A potentially unlimited number of models could be used to price electronic licences – however, in practice the number of variables is limited. This advice note provides an overview of the key licensing business models for eJournals. It was wri... read more

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