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Tuesday 26 August 2014

Licensing in China

The People’s Republic of China is a remote country with a vast population, but one which has progressed by leaps and bounds after a period divorced from contact with the west. How can UK academic publishers and learned societies tap into the mar... read more

Monday 01 December 2008

When a Society Journal Changes Publisher

When a society journal moves from one publisher to another, a number of points need to be taken into account to ensure a smooth handover. Planning should commence as far ahead of the actual transfer as possible, to minimise disruption to subscribe... read more

Saturday 11 February 2006

Outsourcing Primary Journal Hosting

For a primary journal publisher, no matter how small or large, the decision about how to host your online publications is a crucial one. Increasingly, the online version of a journal is the user's version of preference, and today's readers and aut... read more

Wednesday 05 January 2005

RSS: A New Marketing and Delivery Tool for Journal Publishers

It’s not often that publishers can take advantage of the latest technology without a hefty investment in hardware or software. But in the case of RSS, the technology behind newsfeeds and blogging, information disseminators have a powerful content... read more

Monday 07 June 2004

Enabling Google to Index your Full Text

Many publishers are beginning to see the benefits of allowing Google to index their full text; usage figures can increase dramatically, and so can pay-per-view sales to non- subscribers. This article provides guidelines for setting up full text in... read more

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