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Monday 06 November 2017

ALPSP Alert No 246 November 2017

ALPSP Members only: Headlines - Publishers challenge ResearchGate; US Copyright Small-Claims Enforcement Bill, Accessible Books Consortium, Organization Identifier Working Group, Penn Libraries stop using BePress; Zhejian University rewards social... read more

Monday 09 October 2017

ALPSP Alert No 245, October 2017

ALPSP Members only. This month's headlines: Australian government supports IP recommendations, Offsetting deals UK & Netherlands reports; APC payments in Sweden, Open Research Europe; GDPR read more

Thursday 07 September 2017

ALPSP Alert No 244, September 2017

ALPSP Members only. This month’s headlines: New FASTR bills to US Senate, ACS tackles Sci-Hub, Textbook publishers anti-piracy campaign, Wiley content sharing, OA in Eastern Europe, Australian Copyright proposals, guide to Marrakesh Treaty and IFL... read more

Tuesday 01 August 2017

ALPSP Alert No 243, August 2017

For ALPSP Members only. August was a busy month: EU adopts Marrakesh, Jisc report on university presses, the UK SCL is discussed, COUNTER launches Code of Practice 5, several companies issue financial reports, China investigates fraud and reports... read more

Thursday 06 July 2017

ALPSP Alert No 242, July 2017

July's edition now available to ALPSP members only. It includes news about Sci-Hub and academic book piracy, ALPSP Conference, Wiley and T&F financial reports, different cost models, Blacklists, how researchers use social media and discovery tools... read more

I always enjoy reading the Alert - it's my equivalent to the Times Higher Education Supplement - but for the publishing world!

Sally Hardy, Chief Executive, Regional Studies Association