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Latest Issue

Volume 30 No 1 January 2017

EDITORIAL: Pathways to a new way of working:Discoverability Lettie Conrad, North American Editor of Learned Publishing
RESEARCH ARTICLE: No scholar is an island: The imapact of sharing in the work life of scholars Carol TENOPIR, Suzie ALLARD, Lisa CHRISTIAN, Robert ANDERSON, Suzan ALI-SALEH, Centre for Information and Communication Studies, University of Tennessee, USA; Dave NICHOLAS, Anthony WATKINSON, CIBER Research Ltd, UK; Hazel WOODWARD, Information Power Ltd, UK
RESEARCH ARTICLE: Where and how early career researchers find scholarly information David NICHOLAS, Department of Russian History, Tomsk State University, Russia & CIBER Research Ltd, UK; Cherifa BOUKACEM-ZEGHMOURI, Université de Lyon, France; Blanca RODRIGUEZ-BRAVO, Biblioteconomía y Documentación, Universidad de León, Spain; Jie XU, School of Information Management, Wuhan University, China; Anthony WATKINSON, CIBER Research Ltd, UK; A. ABRIZAH, Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, University of Malaysia; Eti HERMAN, CIBER Research Ltd, UK; Marzena ŚWIGOŃ, Wydział Humanistyczny, Uniwersytet Warminsko-Mazurski, Poland
RESEARCH ARTICLE: Headlines from the discovery files: Key publications on scholarly content discoverability Lettie Y. CONRAD, Publishing & Product Development Consultant, USA
INDUSTRY UPDATE: 'Finding' and 'discovering': How to understand researchers' search and discovery behaviour informed the building of Cambridge Core Nisha DOSHI, Digital Development Publisher, Cambridge University, UK
INDUSTRY UPDATE: A brief history of the Open Discovery Initiative Kenneth J. VARNUM, Senior Programme Manager at the University of Michigan, USA
INDUSTRY UPDATE: Building discovery relationships and expertise at Oxford University Press  Abigail WICKES, Discoverability Associate, Oxford University Press, USA
CASE STUDY:Evidence-based design for discoverability: A case study Andrea FALLAS, Highwire Press Inc, Brighton, UK and Suzanne TATHAM, University of Sussex, UK
CASE STUDY: Closing the PDF gap: ReadCube's experiments in reader-focused design Alex HODGSON, Director of Marketing & PR, ReadCube, USA, and Lucas SCHLAGER, Marketing, ReadCube, USA
OPINION PIECE: Should publishers work with library discovery technologies and what can they do? Julie ZHU, Discovery Service Relations Manager, IEEE, USA
OPINION PIECE: Full discovery: What is the publisher's role? John G. DOVE, Paloma & Associates, USA
OPINION PIECE: Discovery systems: Are they now the library? John AKEROYD, Senior Consultant, CIBER Research Ltd, UK and Honorary Research Fellow, University College London, UK
OPINION PIECE: Creating impact resonance through a culture of Holistic Discoverability David SOMMER, Product Director and Co-Founder, Kudos, UK