ALPSP Training Course: Developing Open Access and Hybrid Journals (1303DOA)

Tuesday 5th March 2013
General Publishing
Level 2 (2-3 Years' Experience)
Institute of Physics, London, W1B 1NT Tel: 0207 470 4884 (Map)

The aim of this course is to introduce staff from all areas of journals publishing to the complexities and unique challenges of running an open access journal or journals programme. Delegates will participate in discussion of open access journals and experiment with financial modelling, all enabling them to gain an understanding of the necessary steps to take when establishing and maintaining both full and hybrid open access journals.
Speakers/ Tutors
Jacqueline Uren
Rhodri Jackson

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The open access landscape (1): green and gold, full and hybrid, mega journals, the cascade
The open access landscape (2): government and funder policies
The open access debate: does open access increase citations/usage? Can open access be financially viable?
Why open access?: Market research, subject area differences
Workflows and best practice: for full and hybrid titles, suggested workflows from author to journal to production to invoicing. Allowing green open access and complying with funding bodies.
Business models including case studies: author charges, memberships, sponsorship, consortia deals, etc.
Setting author charges: (including developing countries’ rates and waivers)
Pricing: relating subscription pricing to open access take-up, how to avoid ‘double-dipping’
Open access launches versus transitioning mature journals: what should be expected in either scenario, including case studies.
Ethics: avoiding vanity publishing, distinguishing editorial decisions from financial decisions. Keeping quality high through the cascade and the mega journal.
Rights, permissions and licensing: which licence to use, what rights to allow, what is a truly open access license
Keeping in touch: with the open access community, industry bodies, author relations
Marketing and branding: how to market an open access journal as opposed to a ‘regular’ title. How to market the open access option on hybrid journals
• Discussion: the future of open access publishing

By the end of the course delegates will be able to
Appreciate the measures required to create successful open access journals, understand the open access publishing workflow, assess the pros and cons of different open access business models, know the context of the open access industry including the green open access lobby and influential funding bodies, and understand the ethics of open access publishing.

Who should attend
This course is aimed at journal publishing managers, publishing editors and publishers interested in developing open access journals or expanding an
existing programme. Some prior awareness of the open access industry would be helpful but is not essential.

Delegate Comments

'It was relevant and informative. Overall I enjoyed the course. It has provided me with information to take back to my role as publisher. ' Daniel Hyde, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins

'A perfect introduction to the pitfalls and opportunities of OA publishing. ' Jo Squires, ICE Publishing

'It was well pitched for managers as well as less experienced publishers or society publishers. Great course pack with lots of useful information. ' Clare Hooper, Liverpool University Press

'A very useful course, up to date and highly topical. ' Sarah Edwards, Edinburgh University Press

'Some material went over information I knew, but it was very reassuring to hear that my approach is the same as other in the industry. I liked that the programme gave time for questions/discussions' Beth Davidson, Taylor & Francis

'Thought provoking look at an area going into a fundamental part of journal publishing' Andrew Sykes, Cambridge University Press

'Very informative and approached from all different angles. I particularly liked the honesty of the two tutors - what had and had not worked for them.' Alison Oliver, Taylor & Francis

'Excellent course pitched at the right level. This was the best ALPSP course I have attended, detailed and engaging. ' Neil Hammond, Cambridge University Press

'Helpful and informative, an excellent practical and ‘publisher friendly’ approach. It was good to also get the basics to be sure we are talking about same issues with the same terms. ' Kairi Look, IOS Press

'A lot of really useful information. I particularly liked the fact that the course leaders gave specific personal examples of problems/issues overcome specific aspects of gold OA. ' Katie Foxall, ecancermedicalscience

Coordinator: Melissa Marshall
Telephone: 01622 871035